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Business Scholars Co-Op Program

Real-world experience at top companies, combined with rigorous and ethical Lasallian learning, while still attaining a degree in four years—that’s what sets La Salle’s Business Scholars Co-Op Program (BSCP) apart. In La Salle’s BSCP, students work in their chosen field for up to 12 months, giving them on-the-job experience before graduation that not only prepares them for today’s business environment, but also for tomorrow’s business challenges. 

The BSCP was launched more than a decade ago for students with stellar academic performance who want to develop into progressive leaders in their community and in today’s global economy. The program not only provides the means to an end (100 percent of the 2019 BSCP students accepted full-time offers or acceptance into graduate school prior to graduation), the program gives students the means to a beginning. Graduates start their careers with the self-knowledge gained by working and developing their business intelligence at different professional companies. They begin their first job out of college with practical experience, allowing them to rapidly become a contributing member of their new organization and community. 

The elements that distinguish La Salle’s Business Scholars Co-Op Program are: 

  • Graduate in four years with two full-time co-op work experiences. Traditional co-op programs take four and a half to five years to complete. This is accomplished through our structured Academic/Work Term Sequence. 
  • Receive acceptance into the program while still in high school, starting the program on day one of freshman year. 
  • Participate in academic courses, professional development workshops and work with an alumni mentor who graduated from the BSCP. 
  • Receive one on one academic/career advising with the Program Director. 
  • Earn a salary and receive academic credits for the co-op experiences. 
  • Experience first-hand the globalization of today’s business environment by taking part in travel study courses. 
  • Take advantage of the ability to combine programs, including the University Honors Program, the Four-Year BS/MBA program and or the Business Leadership Fellows Program. The Academic/Work Term Sequence also makes it easy for student athletes to participate in the program. 
  • Access business opportunities in the fifth-largest metropolitan area of the United States.