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Study Abroad and Travel Study

Study Abroad

The importance of understanding business beyond a local view is critical in helping all students develop a global mindset with the goal of equipping them to, literally, change the world. More »


We strive to provide our students with a global perspective that helps to connect local and wider world issues. The intent of our travel/study courses is to help bridge cultural divides and prepare our students to be citizens of the world.

Travel/study courses are semester-long courses taught at La Salle, with a seven- to 10-day travel component. Students in these courses have travelled to Germany, China, Chile, France, Quebec, Bermuda, and England. Students study international business and comparative business practices, and some have included classroom experiences at partner universities in the countries they visit. More »

Lasallian Community Service Trips

Core to Lasallian values is the importance of serving the common good. To this end, we offer our students the opportunity to participate in community service trips. Our students have traveled to destinations such as the Dominican Republic and Kenya, working side-by-side with locals. More »

The Lasallian Network

La Salle University is one of 1,000 schools and higher educational institutions worldwide that are operated in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle. This network provides opportunities for creative and customized learning experiences. More »