This catalog has been prepared for students, prospective students, faculty, and officers of La Salle University and others wishing to know more about the University’s academic programs. The information contained herein is to be considered directive in character. It is accurate as of the date of publication (July 2022). The University reserves the right to make from time to time at its discretion and without prior notice, changes, modifications, or deletions to its academic programs, including courses, schedules, calendars, and any other provisions or requirements in this catalog as University administrators consider appropriate and in the best interest of La Salle University and its students.  As such, this catalog cannot be considered an agreement or contract between individual students and the University.

The catalog is especially useful as a tool for new students as it contains policies, procedures, resources, and curricular information. Ultimately, students are responsible for utilizing the range of resources that La Salle University offers in preparation for the selection of courses, completion of degree requirements, and to acquaint themselves with the regulations that pertain to them.