An integrative freshmen course that addresses business processes at an introductory level by examining key business areas through the preparation of a business plan. Students gain an appreciation for how each part of a business functions on its own and how business processes interact with each other. The course culminates in our signature Bankers Day event in which each team presents their final business plan to a panel of business executives for evaluation. The course emphasizes cross-disciplinary experiential learning, group dynamics, and personal interaction with faculty, business professionals and entrepreneurs in a small-class environment. Students are introduced to team-building, entrepreneurship, and business plans at the beginning of their academic program in order to build and develop their skills over the next three years. Students should take this course as early on as possible. Generally the course is not open to seniors.

Number of Credits: 4

When Offered: Spring

How Offered: Face-to-Face

ILO Met: null