This course explains what happened and what will happen in business organizations using basic statistical methods relevant to descriptive and predictive analytics. The availability of massive amounts of data and technologies to process these data enables business organiza­tions to use analytical approaches to decision-making. Descriptive analytics is the use of data to find out what has happened in the past or is currently happening; statistical techniques include descriptive statistics and visualization. Predictive analytics is the use of data to find out what could happen in the future; statistical techniques include regression analysis. This course will cover these techniques, descriptive statistics, visualization, and regression analysis, with emphasis on problem-solving and decision-making. This course will also cover probability, probability distributions, and statistical infer­ence. Students will perform data analysis using statistical software packages.

Number of Credits: 3

When Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

How Offered: Face-to-Face

ILO Met: null

Prerequisites: MTH 114; CSC course recommended as a pre-requisite but may be taken concurrently