Cybersecurity (Certificate)

Program Description

The certificate prepares individuals to assess the security and risk needs of computer and network systems, recommend safeguard solutions, and manage the implementation and maintenance of security devices, systems, and procedures.


The graduate certificate in Cybersecurity educates students in practical knowledge of cybersecurity.  The program develops competencies in cybersecurity management as well as breach detection, mitigation and prevention.

Program Goals

The goals of the program are:

  • Prepare students to explain Internet infrastructure and enterprise network connections.
  • Prepare students to enter specialized careers in cybersecurity.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explain Internet structures, enterprise network structures, and consulting services related to network infrastructures
  • Assess security gaps in organizational policies and plans.
  • Differentiate between cybercrime, cyber espionage, and cyberwar.

Program Specific Information

This program is offered in an online format.

Academic Requirements

  • CYB 540 - Network Theory
  • CYB 604 - The Computer and Internet Crime
  • CYB 628 -Cybercrime, Cyber espionage, and Cyberware
  • CYB 644 - Information Security)
  • CYB 665 - Computer Digital Forensics)

Course Sequence

Proposed Course Rotation Schedule


  • CYB 644 - Information Security)
  • CYB 540 - Network Theory


  • CYB 628 -Cybercrime, Cyber espionage, and Cyberware
  • CYB 604 - The Computer and Internet Crime


  • CYB 665 - Computer Digital Forensics)

Degree or Certificate Earned


Number of Courses Required for Program Completion


Number of Credits Required for Program Completion


GPA Required for Program Completion


Program Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the Cybersecurity  program, please contact:

Staff Contact Information

Margaret McCoey

Program Director

Holroyd 123

(215) 951-1136


Director: Margaret M. McCoey, M.S.
Associate Professors: Blum, Redmond, Wang
Assistant Professors: McCoey
Lecturers: Casey, Henry, Hilkowitz, Monahan, Walters

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