History (Certificate)

Program Description

Non-matriculating degree students will have the option of enrolling in a series of courses leading to a certificate in one of three areas:

  • European History
  • American History
  • World History

The Certificate option will appeal especially— but not exclusively—to those educators already well along in their teaching careers and interested in qualifying for either Act 48 or “Highly Qualified” status.


Consistent with the mission statement for the graduate program in History per se, the Certification Option aims to “help students to correlate and synthesize information from various fields, to relate the theoretical to the practical, and to develop values in the liberal arts tradition.” They are thus in a position to pursue advanced studies in history, or to advance in their current positions.

Program Goals

The goals of each certificate are the following:

  • To provide an overview of a particular area with the objective of comprehending an understanding of the area of concentration
  • To enable students to apply the certificate toward further studies

Student Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this program, the students will be able to:

  • Be able to read primary source historical documents in their area of specialty
  • Contextualize historical events using different analytical methods
  • Apply information to current job placements

Program Specific Information


Academic Requirements

Students will complete four courses (12 credits).

Course Sequence

Course sequence is flexible. Courses include:

  • HIS 510 Historiography
  • A readings course appropriate to the area
    • HIS 610 Readings in American History OR
    • HIS 620 Readings in European History OR
    • HIS 630 Readings in World History
  • Two appropriate graduate History electives

Degree or Certificate Earned


Number of Courses Required for Program Completion


Number of Credits Required for Program Completion


GPA Required for Program Completion


Program Contact Information

Department of History

Hayman Hall, room 342


(215) 951-1090

Staff Contact Information

George Stow, Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Director


(215) 951-1097

Hayman Hall, room 342


Director: George B. Stow, Ph.D.
Professors: Desnoyers, Leibiger, Stow
Associate Professors: Allen, Jarvinen, Stebbins

Assistant Professor: Jallow
Lecturer: Frassetto, R. Ryan
Professor Emeritus: Rossi, Ryan

Course Descriptions

All course descriptions may be found in the main menu under Graduate > Courses: A-Z