Human Capital Development (Certificate)

Program Description

The Online Human Capital Development Certificate Program is a graduate certificate program that prepares participants for careers in the exciting field of human capital development.  The program provides learners with the skills and tools needed to better leverage their organizations’ human capital (employees) and improve their workforce over time to meet future skill and talent needs.

Online learning at La Salle offers the same rigorous curriculum as face-to-face learning with increased flexibility for those juggling busy schedules. Courses will meet both asynchronously, using discussion forums and course assignments, and some synchronous learning opportunities, using programs that allow real-time chat and video or audio web conferencing to help you stay connected with your instructors and classmates.

Program Goals

Theory: Students will gain a theoretical and intellectual understanding of how HCD is strategically integrated with an organizations ever-changing talent needs, mission, goals, and objectives. This will include a comprehensive understanding of how an HCD framework links the organizations workforce to its bottom line.

Practical Experience: Through faculty-practitioners, the focus will be on strategic initiatives, and gaining a realistic understanding of how organizations invest in their human capital, ethically manage knowledge, measure the development process against their bottom line, and apply those strategies in real world situations.

Workforce Development: Program participants will learn how to diagnose complex strategic challenges facing HCD professionals and then develop innovative solutions to those challenges.

Academic Requirements

All accepted students are required to successfully complete the following six courses: (The HCD Certificate courses are transferrable to the M.S in HCD program at La Salle).

  • HCD 670 - Human Resource Development
  • HCD 675 - Theories of Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • HCD 680 - Advanced Negotiation Theory and Practice
  • HCD 710 - Investing in Human Capital
  • HCD 720 - Legal Environment of HCD
  • HCD 730 - Strategic Approaches to Human Capital

Course Sequence

This schedule is subject to to change and is based upon sufficient enrollment. Please note: None of the Certificate course requirements are offered during the summer semester.

HCD 670 - Human Resources Development (Spring I)
HCD 675 - Theories of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Fall II)
HCD 680 - Advanced Negotiation Theory and Practice (Spring II)  
HCD 710 - Investing in Human Capital (Fall I)

HCD 720 - Legal Environment of Human Capital (Fall I)
HCD 730 - Strategic Approaches to Human Capital Development (Spring I)

Degree or Certificate Earned


Number of Courses Required for Program Completion


Number of Credits Required for Program Completion


GPA Required for Program Completion


Course Descriptions

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