Strategic Communication (Certificate)

Program Description

This program is designed for students with bachelor’s degrees who wish to upgrade their communication skills and understanding of how communication works and can be utilized in the professional and business world.


Guided by Lasallian values, the Communication Department integrates liberal arts education with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the communication field, and challenges students to demonstrate communication competence. The Department seeks to develop graduate students who engage in informed civic participation and progressive leadership in professional and community settings.  Beyond assisting students with finding and advancing in meaningful careers, we seek to provide students with the communication knowledge and skills needed/necessary for meaningful personal, professional, and social relationships. 

Program Goals

  • Recognize, articulate, and demonstrate the influence and power of messages and the ethics of communication
  • Demonstrate effective communication, in both written and spoken form
  • Apply theoretical, conceptual, and skills-based course knowledge to experiential learning environment(s) and/or professional situations
  • Serve as a feeder for the MA in Strategic Communication

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discern ethical dilemmas within communication contexts and evaluate using ethical reasoning
  • Prepare and present oral and written presentations with attention to specific audiences and situations
  • Articulate connections between relevant communication theory, skills, and coursework with authentic learning experiences
  • Apply for and be admitted to the MA program upon graduation from the certificate program

Program Specific Information


Academic Requirements

18 credits (six courses)


(Three courses, 7.5 credits)

  • COM 601 - Professional Communication Ethics (1.5 credits)
  • COM 602 - Effective Presentations
  • COM 612 - Approaches to Organizational Communication


(10.5 credits)

  • COM 608 - Intercultural Communication and Organizational Life
  • COM 610 - Leadership and Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 613 - Approaches to PR
  • COM 614 - Communication and Conflict
  • COM 615 - Persuasion
  • COM 616 - Group and Team Communication
  • COM 619 - PR Campaigns (prerequisite: COM 613)
  • COM 621 - Communication Training and Development
  • COM 623 - Public Relations Writing and Media Relations
  • COM 630-635 - Professional Communication Special Topic Modules
  • COM 640 - Professional Media Development
  • COM 641 - Social Media
  • COM 670-677 - Professional Communication Special Topic Courses

Course Sequence

Course sequence may vary.

Degree or Certificate Earned


Number of Courses Required for Program Completion


Number of Credits Required for Program Completion


GPA Required for Program Completion


Program Contact Information

Strategic Communication

Communication Center

(215) 951-1844

Staff Contact Information

Katie Dunleavy, Ph.D.


Communication Center

(215) 991-3520


Director: Katie Dunleavy, Ph.D.

Professors: Dainton, Lannutti
Associate Professors: Daily, Dunleavy, M. Smith, Texter, Zelley
Assistant Professors:  Lashley

Course Descriptions

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