Mission Statement

Guided by Lasallian values, the Communication Department integrates liberal arts education with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the communication field, and challenges students to demonstrate communication competence.

The Department seeks to develop graduates who engage in informed civic participation and progressive leadership in professional and community settings. Beyond assisting students with finding meaningful careers, we seek to provide students with the communication knowledge and skills needed for meaningful personal, professional and social relationships.

Department Goals

  • To increase the number of majors, minors, and graduate students.  
  • To continue to refine our assessment efforts in the tracks to assess both department SLO’s and University Level ILOs. 
  • To foster faculty discussions and strategies for advising students through the Department curriculum and the new core.
  • To increase student involvement in all Communication student organizations by fostering a welcoming atmosphere and active faculty promotion.
  • To explore the creation of the La Salle Media Network to unify student media and reflect current industry practices.
  • Increase the promotion of various student scholarship and grant opportunities, both internally and externally funded.
  • To continue our work with Career Services to support students in their search for life after college throughout their time at La Salle.
  • More actively explore partnerships and collaboration with other departments and programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level.
  • To garner funding support for Department initiatives—including Charlie Talk, workshops, scholarships and building upkeep--from alumni and other sources.
  • To foster faculty professional development, research, and achievements in teaching and service through recognition, promotion and tenure, and opportunities for learning.

Major(s) Offered

Communication 5-year (B.A./M.A.)

Minor(s) Offered

A minor in Communication is perfect for students from a wide variety of majors. From improving desirable workplace qualities to gaining skills in media and public relations, our minors offer students a variety of options.

The Department offers minors in the following areas:


Interpersonal Communication

Media and Journalism

Public Relations

Location/Contact Information

Communication Center, South Campus

(215) 951-1844

Staff Contact Information

Michael Smith, Chair 

Elaine Zelley, Assistant Chair 

Jamila Wilson, Administrative Assistant 


Main Office number: (215) 951-1844

Full-Time Faculty

PROFESSORS: Dainton, Lannutti, Molyneaux

ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS: Dunleavy, Smith, Texter, Zelley

ASSISTANT PROFESSORS: Celano, Daily, Lashley