Global Languages, Literatures, and Perspectives

Mission Statement

The Department of Global Languages, Literatures, and Perspectives of La Salle University fully supports the University’s Mission as well as the Mission of the School of Arts and Sciences.

The Department of Global Languages, Literatures, and Perspectives offers foreign languages students the opportunity to break the barrier of a single language, facilitating communication with people in other cultures and the attainment of broader social and cultural understanding.

To this end, all of the programs strive to develop the student’s facility in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in one of five world languages offered within the Department. The Global Languages, Literatures, and Perspectives Department aims to give the student knowledge of the historical development of a given language and its literature, together with an appreciation and understanding of its literary and cultural achievements.

The globalization of life, careers, and professions, and the historical and traditional role of the United States as the preferred immigrant destination, have made the mission of the department more relevant and important than ever as a social tool, needed for effectively applying professional expertise and knowledge to social contact with other cultures. Further, for our society to effectively compete in the world, linguistic, and cultural expertise is a requirement for our students to achieve competitive advantages and success.

Major(s) Offered


Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish Double Major (B.S./B.A.)

Specialized Spanish and Elementary Education Double Major for Spanish Immersion Teaching

Liberal Studies - BUSCA (Bilingual Undergraduate Studies for Collegiate Advancement) (A.A.)

Minor(s) Offered

Leadership and Global Understanding (LGU)


Latin American Studies (LAS)

Available Electives

Location/Contact Information

Victoria Ketz, Ph.D., Chair

241 Hayman Hall

(215) 951-1201

Staff Contact Information


Joanne R. Woods, M.S.Ed., M.A., Director of BUSCA Main Campus

(215) 991-3606


Recruitment and Retention Specialist:

Ana Ventura, BUSCA Main

(215) 951-1561


Administrative Assistants:

Carol Miller

Global Language, Literatures, and Perspectives

(215) 951-1200


Alexander Nalencz

Hispanic Institute, BUSCA

(215) 951-1929

Full-Time Faculty

PROFESSORS: Ketz, Kling, Ossa