Computer Science Minor

Why take this minor?

Students who pursue Computer Science enjoy programming (writing code) and the software side of computing. Graduates pursue careers as software developers, computer analysts, systems engineers, and web developers. The minor in computer science introduces students to the foundational courses in the field usually encountered during the first two years of study. 

Number of Courses Required for Graduation


Number of Credits Required for Graduation


Minor Requirements

  • CSC 230 – Programming Concepts and User Interfaces
  • CSC 240 – Database Management Systems
  • CSC 280 –  Object Programming
  • CSC 290 – Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSIT 220 – Data Communication Networks
  • One CSC elective, 300-level or higher

SOPH Fall: CSC 230

SOPH Spring: CSC 280

JUNIOR Fall: CSC 290

JUNIOR Spring: CSC 240

SENIOR Fall: CSIT 220 or CSC Elective

SENIOR Spring: CSIT 220 or CSC Elective

Course Descriptions

All course descriptions may be found in the main menu under Undergraduate > Courses: A-Z