Mission Statement

As part of the School of Arts and Sciences of La Salle University, the Department of Psychology seeks to educate the whole person intellectually, morally, and spiritually through a challenging curriculum and a nurturing environment that promotes self-understanding and meaningful scholarship. At the undergraduate level, the Department seeks to provide students with a firm foundation in the science of psychology, as well as providing knowledge and experience relative to the professional applications of psychology. At the graduate level, the Department of Psychology seeks to impart the specialized skills and knowledge necessary for students to have a positive impact on society. At all levels, the Department of Psychology seeks to continuously build students’ awareness of society’s needs, the role that research plays in enriching our understanding of life, and the way in which the profession of psychology serves to improve the human condition.

Major(s) Offered


Minor(s) Offered


Location/Contact Information

Lynn Collins, Ph.D., Chair

Wister Building, M15


Staff Contact Information

Diana ONeill, Administrative Assistant

(215) 951-1082

Full-Time Faculty

FULL PROFESSORS: Collins, Fingerhut

ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS: Armstrong, Cardaciotto,  Falcone, Goldbacher, McClure, McMonigle, Montague, Moon, Roth, Spokas, Sude, Wilson, Zelikovsky

ASSISTANT PROFESSORS: Hill, Kratz, Méndez-Diaz