Liberal Arts – A.A.

Program Description

**This program is currently in moratorium and is not accepting students for this degree with the exception of those students admitted to the BUSCA program. For information on that program, please consult the list of majors.**

The Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts degree is structured like the Bachelor’s degree programs, but requires only half as many (60) credit hours to attain. The courses which fulfill the requirements for the Associate degree can usually be applied to the Bachelor’s degree, as long as the student consults his/her advisor where specific major requirements are integrated into the Core. Free electives for the Associates degree should be chosen in consultation with an academic advisor. At least 30 credit hours must be fulfilled at La Salle University.

Why take this major?

Earning an A.A. degree has several benefits.

An Associate in Arts degree is an excellent stepping stone into a bachelor’s degree program here at La Salle. The associate degree will provide you the opportunity to fulfill the University Core requirements and the Institutional Learning Objectives – Level One. Within the Core, you can explore some of the academic disciplines, and also augment your academic experience by taking courses in other disciplines to attain the necessary total of 60 credits.. This degree is an excellent foundation on which to base future academic and career decisions.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will have completed all twelve Institutional Learning Outcomes at Level One:

  • Understanding Diverse Perspectives;
  • Reflective Thinking and Valuing;
  • Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning;
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning;
  • Information Literacy;
  • Technological Competency;
  • Health and Financial Literacy;
  • Oral and Written Communication;
  • Creative and Artistic Expression;
  • Ethical Understanding and Reasoning;
  • Cultural and Global Awareness;
  • Oral Communication/Collaborative Engagement.

Degree Earned

A.A. – Liberal Arts

Number of Courses Required for Graduation

Major: 4

Total: 20

Number of Credits Required for Graduation

Major: 12

Total: 60

GPA Required for Graduation

Major: 2.0

Cumulative: 2.0


Major Requirements

Students, who know the specific evening major they will eventually pursue, should consult with their advisor when choosing a course to fulfill this ILO. By doing so, the student can utilize the ILO to fulfill major requirements along with the Level One – Core requirement while also fulfilling the Associate degree requirements.


Course Descriptions

All course descriptions may be found in the main menu under Undergraduate > Courses: A-Z