Mission Statement

The mission of the Accounting Department--consistent with the missions of La Salle University and the School of Business--is to prepare students to become effective and socially responsible business and community leaders. Dedicated to the Christian Brothers’ traditions of excellence in teaching and concern for individual values of its students, the accounting faculty’s charge is to instill within our students an understanding of accounting as a profession with high ethical responsibilities.

Department Goals

  • Our graduates will understand the ethical and regulatory environment for accountants and the role accountants play in society to provide and ensure the integrity of financial, managerial and other information.
  • Our graduates will be able to apply the critical thinking and analytical skills that support professional skepticism, assessment, and assurance of accounting information.
  • Our graduates will develop communication skills that will allow them to effectively communicate financial and non- financial results.
  • Our graduates will be able to record, analyze, and interpret historical and prospective financial and non-financial information.
  • Our graduates will be able to use technology as appropriate to analyze financial and non-financial information.
  • Our graduates will demonstrate an understanding of tax policy, strategy and compliance.

Major(s) Offered

Accounting – B.S.B.A. (4 year)

Accounting – B.S.B.A./M.B.A. Dual Degree (4 year) 

Accounting – B.S.B.A. (4 year Non-Traditional/Evening)

Minor(s) Offered


Location/Contact Information

Dr. Kristin Wentzel, Chairperson
Founders’ Hall 378

Dr. Susan Borkowski
Founders’ Hall 341

Prof. Paul Brazina
Founders’ Hall 342

Br. Gerald Fitzgerald
Founders’ Hall 377

Dr. Sharon Hua
Founders’ Hall 374

Dr. C. Andrew Lafond
Founders’ Hall 379

Dr. Bruce Leauby
Founders’ Hall 431

Dr. Yusuf Ugras
Founders’ Hall 343


Full-Time Faculty



ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS: Lafond, Leauby, Ugras, Wentzel

ASSISTANT PROFESSORS: Brazina, Fitzgerald, Hua