Organizational Leadership

Mission Statement

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership program is an online program offering learners an experiential learning environment that fosters critical-thinking, through the application of technical and professional expertise needed to make strategic real world business decisions, develop leadership skills as well as practice effective communication.

The curriculum provides many opportunities for learners to practice leadership skills within an organization; recognizing, planning, implementing, and evaluating the impact of change within an organization.

Department Goals


  • Identify effective leadership skills in order to meet organizational goals.
  • Understand how a global perspective, team and group dynamics, organizational structure, change management, culture, and innovation connect with effective organizational leadership.
  • Explain the effective leadership tools and techniques for survival, growth, increased productivity, and relationship building in today’s fast-paced business environment.


  • Develop approaches to recognize, plan, and implement change in complex organizational systems.
  • Generate effective communication (written, oral, and technological.)
  • Set priorities for outcomes and results that impact the organization, e.g., critical thinking, decision making and problem solving.
  • Facilitate meetings and presentations using technologies and communication strategies for different audiences within an organization.
  • Evaluate employee performances, re-training strategies, and assessing organizational needs.
  • Analyze financial reports and organizational impacts.
  • Assess market research and business restructuring approaches.


  • Appreciate a variety of approaches for building professional relationships with clients and employees.
  • Value the role of leadership in organizational success.

Major(s) Offered

Organizational Leadership - BA

Location/Contact Information

Lynnette Clement, Director

Founders’ Hall 278