Entrepreneurship Minor


The entrepreneurship minor is available to all undergraduate students in the University, regardless of their major. This is an interdisciplinary, tailored program that will include a range of business and non-business electives for students to complete in order to obtain a well-rounded academic and hands-on experience toward their specific career interests. Students interested in starting a business someday, joining an existing family-run business, or becoming more entrepreneurial in their careers working for another company will earn the confidence to think and act while learning how to assemble the tools and resources to be successful in their ventures.


Frank Mallon
Assistant Professor
Olney Hall 269

Required Courses for Minor

6 Courses:

  • ENT 201 Experiential Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 301 Entrepreneurial Applications
  • Four Controlled Electives: a combination of business and non-business courses mutually determined between the student and program adviser geared to meet the specific needs of the student’s career path.  Business majors may take no more than two business electives; non-business majors must take a minimum of two business electives.

Interested students must contact a program administrator to determine the Controlled Electives approved for each of them. The student will also be required to conduct an interview with an entrepreneur in his or her field of study to make those course recommendations.

NOTE: ISBT 333 may be substituted for ENT 201, and ISBT 334 may be substituted for ENT 301.

Course Descriptions

ENT 201 - Principles of Entrepreneurship

This course introduces students to the unique challenges associated with recognizing an innovative concept or unique opportunity within an industry or market, and then the strategic means of effectively introducing a business to that market to exploit this unique opportunity.  This course is cross disciplinary and invites students from any major to participate.  If students wish to pursue a minor in Entrepreneurship this is one of the courses that will be required to satisfy the requirements for that minor. Formerly BUS 170.

Number of Credits: 3

When Offered: Fall, Spring

How Offered: Face-to-Face

ENT 301 - Entrepreneurial Applications

This course is conducted in a team format that requires students to work together to identify unique market opportunities for innovative concepts and then actively work outside the classroom to validate and then develop new business operations to serve an under or non-served market. Regular group presentations with critical feedback are required to assist the teams in identifying the optimal concept and means of delivering that concept to the market. This course is a required course for any student seeking to minor in Entrepreneurship.

Number of Credits: 3

When Offered: Spring

How Offered: Face-to-Face

Prerequisites: ENT201, ISBT 333 or Business major junior status

ENT 354 - Entrepreneurial & Small Bus Mgt

The actual art and practice of managing a small enterprise. Concepts and methods for decision making and being competitive. Actual cases with live situations and outside speakers from all areas—business, government, and organized labor—impinging on the small entrepreneur today.

Number of Credits: 3

Prerequisites: (ENT 201 and ENT 301) or (BUS 101 and BUS 208) or (ISBT 333 and ISBT 334).