Communication Sciences and Disorders

Mission Statement

The Mission of La Salle University’s Communication Sciences and Disorders Undergraduate Program is to prepare students to apply for graduate study by providing them with the basic knowledge of human communication and swallowing processes within the context of a liberal arts education.

La Salle University’s Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Program provides a research-oriented, clinically-based curriculum grounded in theoretical, ethical, and clinical knowledge in communication sciences and disorders. Students learn to think critically and communicate effectively. They are prepared to meet professional credentialing including American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certification as speech-language pathologists. Students gain knowledge and skills to evaluate, treat, and advocate for individuals with communication and swallowing disorders in a pluralistic society. Students learn to analyze and integrate research into clinical practice and value life-long learning.

Department Goals

  • Champion a culture of diversity, inclusion, civility, and collegiality.
  • Establish interprofessional partnerships and educational opportunities.
  • Pursue professional development, mentoring, and leadership/advancement opportunities for faculty, clinical supervisors, and students.
  • Develop and enhance areas of expertise in clinical research, services, and education
  • Ensure that our curriculum is innovative, evidence-based, and has measurable outcomes.

Major(s) Offered

4-Year B.S. in CSD

5-Year B.S. in CSD and M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology

Minor(s) Offered

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Location/Contact Information

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders                                                                                                                                                             St. Benilde Tower 2201                                                                                                                                                                                                        215.951.1982

Full-Time Faculty

PROFESSOR: Klein; Kleinow; Ruiz

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: Bitetti; Husak; Mancinelli; Costello