Student Awards Nominations

Award Nominations

  • All nominations are due: Friday, 2/23/2018 @4:30PM
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See “Award Descriptions” for more information on each award.

  1. Any administrator or faculty member may nominate a senior for the awards.
  2. To compete for an award, a senior must be nominated by an administrator or faculty member.
  3. Any senior who deems himself/herself qualified may request a nomination for one or more awards from an administrator or faculty member.
  4. The appropriate awards committees will have the authority to adjudicate recipients from those nominated.

Award Descriptions

Joseph F. Flubacher Student Leadership Award

The Joseph F. Flubacher Student Leadership Award is offered to a graduating student who has made a contribution to the quality of student life by demonstrating significant leadership in student organizations, university governance, and/or intercollegiate athletics.


  1. The recipient shall be a graduating senior from the Day Division of the University.
  2. The student shall have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills throughout his/her university career. The student shall have significantly enhanced the membership, programs, and/or goals of a particular organization(s); made a contribution to the work of a university committee; and have had a positive impact on the general program of student life.
  3. The student’s record should be free from major disciplinary sanctions, i.e. probation.
  4. Academic standing will be a major consideration but will be given less weight than evidence of leadership skills and accomplishments.

Brother Emery C. Mollenhauer Award

The Brother Emery C. Mollenhauer Award is presented to that graduating senior who best exemplifies those Lasallian values to which Brother Emery was committed during his tenure as Provost, in particular the values of charity and justice which are hallmarks of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s pedagogy.


  1. The recipient shall be a senior, graduating student of the University.
  2. The recipient shall have demonstrated, over a period of time, a commitment to community service activities on or off campus.
  3. The student should exemplify through his/her involvement in such activities a dedicated concern for the principles of peace and justice.
  4. The student shall have at least a 2.5 cumulative Grade Point Average at the time of application.

James A. Finnegan Memorial Award

The James A. Finnegan Memorial Award is offered to the member of the graduating class who by virtue of accomplishment and service is judged by the faculty to show promise of applying Judeo-Christian ideals of social justice in a political or governmental career.


  1. The senior to be considered for the award should offer some prima facie evidence of participation in political affairs on and/or off campus. Leadership and participation in other extra-curricular activities are also to be considered, though given somewhat lesser weight. There should also be some indication on the part of the senior of intent to pursue a career in politics and/or government.
  2. In exemplifying ideals of Judeo-Christian social justice, the recipient should exhibit integrity and courtesy in all of his/her endeavors.
  3. Ordinarily, the recipient will be in the upper half of his/her graduating class.

John McShain Award

The John McShain Award is offered to the member of the senior class who maintained an excellent scholastic record and is considered by faculty to have done the most for the public welfare of La Salle University.


  1. The recipient shall be a senior, graduating student of the University.
  2. High scholastic achievement normally shall be interpreted to mean Dean’s List standing.
  3. In recognition of the monetary value of the award, the recipient should show evidence of his/her intent to attend graduate or professional school.
  4. Primary consideration shall be given to leadership and participation in those activities which advance the good name of the University beyond the immediate campus and which enhance the role of La Salle University in the life of the region.

Student Activities Achievement Awards

The Student Activities Achievement Awards are presented to those graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to La Salle’s program of extra-curricular activities. Traditionally, these awards have been intended to recognize those students who do not qualify for other award programs due to academic or other criteria that limit the number of award recipients. Faculty members and administrators, particularly those who work closely with student organizations, are invited to nominate as many students as they feel are deserving of these awards.

Roles for which a student is compensated by the University, i.e. office workers, Resident Assistants, scholarship athletes, and Union, Food Service, and Athletic Department Student Managers, are not by themselves given consideration. When nominating a student who falls into one of these categories, please also include all other known areas of participation.

When nominating students, please keep in mind that our intent is to recognize significant contributions. As the number of recipients has increased dramatically in recent years, concern has been expressed (often by students themselves) that nominators and selectors should discriminate carefully in order to assure that students recognized are truly distinguished.

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