“Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow”

Article I
Organizational Title

The name of this co-institutional student organization shall be The La Salle University Student Ambassadors.

Article II
Organizational Purpose

To promote La Salle University, its interests, goals, and traditions to students, parents, alumni, and friends of the University

To represent La Salle University at University functions including alumni receptions, Homecoming, Reunions, Parents Weekend, and other events designated by the President, Vice-Presidents, Deans and other members of the campus community as approved by the Ambassador Executive Board

To develop leadership and professional networking skills among the membership

Article III
Membership Eligibility

Section 1: Application Process

All applications made by undergraduate students who have completed one year of course work at La Salle University and are considered to be in good academic standing will be accepted and thoroughly reviewed. In conjunction with the submission of an application and two letters of recommendation, candidates will then be interviewed by the incoming and outgoing members of the Ambassador Executive Board. Following this process, selection of new Student Ambassadors will be made.

Section 2: Qualified Alternates

After the initial member selection process, the incoming executive board has the option to select a maximum of three alternates. However no alternates need to be selected. The alternate position will last for one academic year, at which point they will be invited to apply for full membership during the application process. Selection and participation as an alternate does not guarantee a full membership after re-application.

These alternates will be ranked in order to determine, which will be accepted into the program if the requirements are met. Their ranks will be reevaluated throughout the academic year based on their engagement in the program. Alternates will be invited to attend major events at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Alternates may achieve full member status when a position becomes available during the academic year, and the executive board believes that the position must be filled. A position that an alternate may fill includes those left by a member leaving the organization permanently, a member being removed from the organization permanently, and a member who faces undue hardship for a full academic year. Temporary absences of one semester or less, such as study abroad programs and internships, do not warrant acceptances of alternates.

Once an alternate receives full membership into the Student Ambassador program they will remain permanent full status members unless they do not fulfill the below membership requirements.

Section 3: Membership Eligibility Requirements are as follows:

Applicants must have completed one year (24 credits) of classes at La Salle University

Applicants must have a minimum 2.50 grade point average

Applicants must be a full-time students carrying 12 or more credit hours per semester

Applicants must present two letters of recommendations

Applicants must submit a completed electronic application

Applicants must appear for an interview before the Ambassador Executive Board and report for summer training if selected.

Article IV

Section 1: Membership to this organization shall be limited to no more than 35 members per year.

However, an exception can be made under certain circumstances and after careful consideration by the membership. This exception can only be made to include ONE “additional” member and will only be granted to returning Ambassadors who may face undue hardship that will make it impossible for them to guarantee service to the Student Ambassadors for the following academic year. If their circumstances change and allow a returning Ambassador to serve, an invitation may be extended bringing to the total number of the membership to 36.

In this special circumstance, a qualified alternate selected from applicant pool from the previous year will receive membership to fulfill the duties of the ambassador who is unable guarantee service to the Student Ambassadors.

Section 2: To be considered an active member of The La Salle University Student Ambassadors, each member must complete the following:

Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.50

Attend bi-weekly meetings

Attend all events in which one commits to attend

Attend all Mandatory University Events

This includes Homecoming, Parents Weekend and Commencement

Attend to responsibilities that may emerge from any subcommittees with The La Salle University Student Ambassadors

Participate in 2 semester check-ins with an executive board member

These meetings will consist of an evaluation of progress in the organization, their participation, and their standing as a Student Ambassador

Article V
Election of The La Salle University Student Ambassador Executive Board

Section 1: The election of Ambassadors to the Executive Board will occur in the Spring Semester of each academic year.

All members who have been active members for at least one semester are eligible to run for positions on the Executive Board

Nominations will be made at the general Ambassador meeting, two weeks prior to the Executive Board elections.

Nominations for all positions can be made by all members of the Student Ambassadors, including oneself.

All nominees will be given the chance to speak briefly about their qualifications before the voting process.

All current members of the organization are eligible to vote in the election, including nominees.

All members are expected to be present at the time of Executive Board elections unless extenuating circumstances or extreme hardship prevents them from doing so.

If extenuating circumstances/extreme hardship should present itself to any member, it is the responsibility of the member to notify the Secretary.

At this time, this member will be given the opportunity to submit an absentee ballot to the advisor.

If there should be a tie between candidates for an Executive Board position, the candidates will be expected to present their qualifications to the membership and a re-vote will take place.

In the case of a tie, absentee ballots will not be counted in the second election.

In the case of a tie in second elections, a re-vote will take place, which will exclude absentee ballots, non-returning members, and graduating seniors.

If a candidate involved in a tie is not present, there will not be a presentation of qualifications on behalf the absentee candidate.

Article VI
The Executive Board of The La Salle University Student Ambassadors

Section 1: The Executive Board of the La Salle University Explorer Ambassadors shall consist of the Offices described below put in place by the process in Article V.

Section 2: The Executive Board shall have the authority to create ad-hoc committees as deemed necessary. Officers will chair these ad-hoc committees and the President will oversee all committees.

Section 3: The Executive Board shall be responsible for the coordination of all meetings of the general membership.

Section 4: Each outgoing Executive Board must jointly meet with the incoming Executive Board. These meetings shall take place for as long as deemed necessary but no shorter than a period of two weeks following election of a new Executive Board.

Article VII
Officers of The La Salle University Student Ambassadors

Section 1: The La Salle University Explorer Ambassadors will have the following officers:


Vice President



Community Service Coordinator

Social Programming Coordinator

The term of office for all executive board members is one year beginning the first meeting after completion of all major events.

Section 2: There shall be a set of formal meetings between outgoing and incoming officers in the first four weeks following the election for Executive Board positions. Outgoing officers have a responsibility to share all pertinent information with all newly elected officers. Incoming officers will also be responsible for meeting with the advisor to formally discuss their duties and expectations

Section 3: Any vacancy on the Executive Board shall be filled within two weeks through a special election at the next general meeting of The La Salle University Student Ambassadors. A special meeting may be called in order to hold a special election at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 4: If a member of the Executive Board should be negligent of their duties, action may be taken at the behest of the members of the Executive Board, the general membership or, in extreme cases, the advisor.

Removal will be considered with an apparent and consistent lack of fulfillment of major duties by an executive board member. Removal should be a last resort, so before removal may be considered, all other options must be examined, approached, and exhausted.

If removal is believed to be necessary, the advisor must approve the decision to bring the remaining executive board members to a vote. Removal will successful with a two thirds positive vote between the remaining e-board members

After removal the removed executive board member will be appropriately notified with all deliberate speed. The general membership will be formally notified with an explanation of reasoning at the next meeting.

After an executive board member is removed from office, they will no longer have membership status in the La Salle Student Ambassador organization.

Section 5: The Duties of the Executive Board Officers are as follows:

The President

To preside over all general meetings

To uphold and enforce the Constitution and Bylaws

To provide leadership for the group

To appoint and oversee any subcommittees that may be put into place during a given academic year

This power can only be exercised with the approval of the Executive Board

To attend Alumni Association meetings and report on the activities of the organization

The organization may appoint another member to act as this representative

To document and provide a written report of Alumni Association meetings for the Executive Board

To serve as an active liaison between the La Salle University student body and the Alumni Association

To consult with the Executive Board and advisor(s) on creating an agenda for meetings

The Vice-President

To assume the responsibilities of the President in his/her absences

To uphold and enforce the Constitution and Bylaws

To assist the President in any capacity necessary, most importantly in communicating with the general membership

To serve as Chairperson of the Recruitment Committee for new membership

Organize information sessions

Be present at Fall/Spring Activities Fairs

Track and distribute applications

Prepare and update the presentation materials utilized in the recruitment efforts by the organization

The Treasurer

To keep accurate and up-to-date budgetary records

To provide a monthly report to the Ambassadors on the budget records

To complete all requisition forms and have them approved by the advisor(s)

To present or assist in the presentation of proposals to the University Funding Board

To produce and distribute an annual budget report

Coordinate and oversee fundraising efforts

The Secretary

To take accurate and detailed minutes at both the Executive Board and General Membership Meetings

To distribute meeting minutes within three business days after the meeting took place

To keep attendance records of the Executive Board and General Membership Meetings

To be responsible for all correspondence relating to the organizations membership

Mass text and emails

To be responsible for creating and maintaining a yearly calendar and also distributing a monthly calendar to all members at the first meeting of the month.

Receive all requests for Ambassadors from University staff

Service Chair

To establish community service opportunities for the membership

To encourage and oversee all =Student Ambassadors in community service endeavors

To serve as a representative of the student body and the Student Ambassadors to the surrounding neighborhood

To act as a liaison between the Student Ambassadors and University Service Activities.

Social Chair

To plan events which provides the membership with an opportunity to socialize in a more casual environment

To co-sponsor events and promote campus recognition of The La Salle University Student Ambassadors

To promote friendship among the membership of The La Salle University Student Ambassadors

To accurately record the events, activities, and memorable moments of The La Salle University Student Ambassadors during the period of one academic year

To aid in the publicity of events and general promotion of the Student Ambassadors, as an organization, to the internal and external University community

Sect. 5-A: Each year, a Webmaster will be appointed who will have direct oversight of all electronic mediums in conjunction with the La Salle Student Ambassadors. Confirmation of this appointment must have the approval of 2/3 majority of the Executive Board. The webmaster’s main charge will be maintaining an updated website. The webmaster will be assisted by the Social Chair and can be one of these e-board positions if deemed so by the rest of the executive board.

Article VIII
Amending the Constitution

Section 1: The Executive Board can propose an amendment to the Constitution at an Executive Board meeting. The amendment will be introduced to the general membership if it has passed by 75% of the Executive Board members.

Section 2: An amendment to the Ambassador Constitution must be presented at a general meeting. The Amendment will be passed by the general membership with 2/3 majority vote of those present at the meeting.

Article IX
Advisor(s) to The La Salle University Explorer Ambassadors

Section 1: The Advisor(s) shall represent and provide the views of the administration to the Executive Board and general membership.

Section 2: The Advisor(s) shall present ideas and concerns to the Executive Board for consideration and discussion of the general membership.

Section 3: The Advisor(s) shall meet with the Executive Board on a bi-weekly basis prior to meetings of the general membership.