Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Securities

Giving appreciated stocks or mutual funds is a great way to support La Salle University philanthropically.

  • Benefit to You
    The impact can immediately be seen at La Salle. For tax purposes, if you itemize, you can deduct the full fair market value of the securities. You’ll also avoid paying capital gains tax on highly appreciated securities.
  • Impact on our Students
    We are able to use your gift immediately in an area you designate or wherever the University’s greatest need is.
  • Stock Transfer Instructions:
  1. Instruct your broker or commercial banker to transfer the shares of stock directly into La Salle’s account at Fidelity Investments.  Fidelity will sell the stock on our behalf and send a check for the proceeds to the University.  Fidelity Investment’s telephone number is 1(800) 544-6666.  La Salle University’s account number is 147160563.  The DTC number is 0226.
  2. In order to receive proper tax credit, please be sure to send an email to to let us know your name, class year, the name of the stock and how many shares you are transferring.  This will help us to quickly credit the correct account.

If you have any questions regarding gifts of stocks or appreciated securities, please contact Tom Mesko, Director of Gift and Estate Planning, at 215.991.3681 or