Why Giving Matters

At La Salle, the two largest sources of income are tuition and charitable donations from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, foundations, companies, and students.

La Salle Fund gifts give the University the discretionary ability to meet institutional needs and act on new initiatives throughout the year.

Your support will help advance the mission of La Salle and provide the University with the necessary resources for current and future students to pursue a Lasallian education.

If you care about La Salle, the impact it has made on your life, and you believe in the impact the University is making for current and future generations of Explorers, invest now.

All gifts, no matter the size, make a difference and are greatly appreciated.

Why do alumni, parents, and friends make gifts to La Salle?

  • A sense of loyalty and pride in the University
  • To show appreciation for the education they or a loved one received
  • To make the institution better and make a difference
  • To guarantee a Lasallian educational experience will be available to others in the future
  • To provide future students with scholarship support since they previously received generous scholarships as a student
  • To support research
  • To support a particular area of study/education
  • To name a building, endowment or program
  • To establish a lasting legacy
  • To honor a loyal staff or faculty member that had an impact on their life
  • To make a gift in memory of a beloved family member, professor, or staff member
  • To be recognized with their classmates
  • To increase the value of their degree through alumni participation which is tracked by U.S. News and World Report and other publications
  • Because you were asked to do so by a friend, professor, classmate, or the University
  • Tax deduction