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The Lasallian Distinguished Educator Award

Each year La Salle University presents a member of our community with the Distinguished Lasallian Educator (DLE) Award. This award gives witness to the educational vision and spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.
Since 2017 this award has alternated between staff and faculty. All full-time faculty and staff are eligible for consideration, except for those who have already been honored (see list below).
Recommendations should explain how the nominee lives the characteristics of a Lasallian educator as visualized by John Baptist de La Salle, and manifested in the living tradition of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Lasallian mission. Clearly noted should be the ways in which the nominee demonstrates the following qualities: educates and forms students; exhibits personal faith and integrity; expresses zeal for gospel values; shows care for students and their needs; works to build community in the University; fosters association with colleagues; demonstrates a commitment to cultivating the common good. A selection committee bases its decision on these criteria.
Emery Mollenhauer, FSC
Sidney MacLeod, AFSC
Alan Wendell 2014
Joe and Joanne Kitchen 2022
Anna Allen
Marjorie Allen 2007
Robert Kinzler, FSC 2015
Gerard Molyneaux, FSC
Robert Vogel 2008
Kate Ward-Gauss 2016
Daniel Burke, FSC
Richard Mshomba 2009
Maureen O’Connell 2017
Robert Miedel
Nancy Jones 2010
Cherylyn Rush 2018
Raymond Ricci, AFSC
William Price 2011
Rhonda Hazell 2019
Michael Smith 2005
John Baky 2012
Susan Mudrick 2020
Michael Kerlin 2006
Preston Feden 2013
Mary Wilby 2021