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Becoming Lasallian Educators

Whether we teach in a classroom or not, we are all Lasallian Educators. Every conversation we have with students – or with each other – is a Lasallian interaction shaped by our shared mission and heritage.

Too often, we assume that term “Lasallian educator” applies exclusively to faculty. But every single one of us is charged to meet students where they are, not just in classrooms and residence halls, but when we are planning strategic goals; communicating with students; their families, and each other; developing policies; designing spaces, and more. Similarly, we are all charged to pursue education for justice, not just in the classroom but through all of our interactions with students and their families.

We are all at different stages of our Lasallian journey. Some members of our community just learned about St. John Baptist de La Salle recently, in their Mission Orientation to the University. Others experienced Lasallian pedagogy first as students, whether here at La Salle University or at one of our Lasallian sister institutions. Some have attended international Lasallian experiences or completed formation programs with colleagues from other Lasallian institutions in the United States and around the world. Some of us are conscious that our work at La Salle University is a vocation to which we are called, while others are new to, or uncomfortable with, that idea.

Becoming conscious of your role as a Lasallian Educator is an ongoing process of formation, and every member of the La Salle community is invited and welcome to participate in that conversation. Importantly, the Lasallian mission and heritage are not limited to those who identify as Catholic or as Christian. Within the global Lasallian family, people of all faiths and no faith work together to serve the mission.

Are you curious about the Lasallian tradition of meeting students where they are? Do you want to learn more about Lasallian pedagogy and Catholic Social Teaching in higher education? Do you want to know more about our global Lasallian family and the research priorities of Lasallian higher education around the world? Are you trying to figure out what it means to be a Lasallian Educator if you aren’t in the classroom (even if you don’t interact with students regularly)?

In collaboration with the Office for Mission, the De La Salle Institute co-sponsors and/or promotes faculty and staff development related to applying the Lasallian Mission and Heritage to our 21st century work. Consider joining our Becoming Lasallian Educator events, or reaching out to Br. Ernest Miller, FSC, VP for Mission for more information.

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