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Br. Alfred Kelly, FSC Catholic Social Teaching Cohort


The Br. Alfred Kelly, FSC Catholic Social Teaching Cohort provides an introduction to the Catholic Social Teaching (CST) tradition and the pursuit of justice. The Kelly Cohort meets 2-3 times per semester and involves reading and reflection before and between sessions. It is another opportunity to foster Lasallian Association in our University community. Faculty who are interested in learning more about Catholic Social Teaching to benefit their teaching, scholarship, or both are welcome to request an invitation to the cohort.

The purpose of the Kelly Cohort is to explore and interrogate Catholic social teaching and issues of justice and to promote integration of CST and justice pedagogy into existing course curriculum and in the development of new courses. Exploration of this space for teaching and learning is not based on religious belief or affiliation. We welcome those outside the Catholic or Christian traditions to bring their religious or humanist lens to our work to deepen our discussion.

Catholic social teaching is the moral doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Rooted in the biblical texts, it is also informed by the humanistic tradition of inquiry. This body of literature transcends our usual categories of conservative and liberal when investigating social, economic, and political reality. It articulates the dignity and social nature of each person. Further, it explores how a Christian understanding of the person and society works to improve human institutions and practices. It examines the importance of values as foundational for professional life and the attainment of the common good.

This tradition of Catholic Social Teaching touches upon many different aspects of life, from the family to international development, how we think of those who are homeless to how we care for the environment, and from how we shop and consume to the rights of workers and the dignity of work. All the different areas that Catholic Social Teaching touches upon have developed from practical reflection on the realities of modern life in the light of the principles and themes resident in the rich tradition.

To request an invitation to the next Kelly Cohort, please contact Br. Ernest Miller, FSC, VP for Mission.