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Community Engaged Learning

Faculty participating in Winter Institute session

Please note: to access virtual resources that support community-engaged teaching and learning, see the Community Engaged Teaching and Learning LibGuide.

Community Engaged Learning programs at La Salle exist to create and support meaningful educational experiences for students through direct engagement with the city, its resources, and its residents. Our programs invite students to experience the many cultural assets of our community, as well as to witness, critically reflect upon, and respond to its challenges. We aim to foster the kind of education that is at the heart of La Salle’s mission: one that empowers students to live fuller and more thoughtful lives, while working for the common good. Our Community Engaged programs take multiple forms:

  • Community-based learning (CBL) is a pedagogical strategy that integrates community engagement, in the form of dialogue or research, with academic content and critical reflection. CBL is rooted in the belief that communities are spaces of inherent educational value, and that engaging with our community in thoughtful and rigorous ways enriches the learning experience and strengthens our community as a whole. Our Together and By Association (TABA) courses, service-learning courses, and Inside Out courses form the core of our Community-Based Learning programs.
  • Engagement with the Lasallian Community: Our Explorer Connection programs provide opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to engage with the Lasallian community and its global commitments to transformative education within and beyond the curriculum and within and beyond our local campus community.
  • Engagement in the Philadelphia Community: Our City as Classroom programming offers opportunities for students to encounter the Philadelphia region as a resource for cultural learning both within and beyond the curriculum.

Our Community Engaged Learning programs are always evolving to accommodate the interests of faculty and students, the needs of community partners, and shifts in scholarly perspectives on Community-Engaged Learning. Many of the faculty members trained through previous incarnations of our programs continue to embed those ideas into their courses.

To self-enroll in the Community Engaged Learning Canvas course and access reading materials and classroom exercises, click here. Note: you must use a La Salle email to enroll.