Planning for the Spring 2021 Semester

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Inside Out Program

The De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning sponsors La Salle faculty in obtaining certification to teach “Inside-Out” courses, classes taught in correctional facilities that are comprised of half incarcerated (“inside”) students and half college (“outside”) students. Inside-Out courses are designed to bring college students and incarcerated men and women together to examine fundamental issues of social justice. 

Recent La Salle Inside-Out courses have centered on questions such as: How do we account for America’s exceptionally high incarceration rate? Why are certain behaviors categorized as crimes and other behaviors not? What are prisons for? Why do people commit crime? How does incarceration impact individuals and our society as a whole? What are the current goals of our criminal justice system and what should be the goals? What are some of the myths and realities of prison life?