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Student Accompaniment In Learning (SAIL) Position

Supported by Service Learning Faculty and the De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning 


Serve as a site coordinator, discussion leader, and/or administrative support for La Salle University faculty teaching service learning courses. The student will provide support for faculty and service learning students engaging in community-based projects.  Total hours worked over the semester will be no more than 50.



  • Coordinate student visits to community partners with partner staff and faculty.
  • Communicate actively with students and faculty to facilitate community partner visits.
  • Track student progress via visits and correspondence with the community partner and faculty.
  • Communicate actively and meet in person routinely with faculty and Director of Service Learning to discuss student participation in project.
  • As determined in consultation with faculty, be at community partner site with LSU students.
  • Support discussion sessions and debriefs.
  • Participate in capacity-building and leadership training sessions related to reflection facilitation, social analysis, and community-building offered by UMAS and other entities on campus.


  • Identify coordination problems and troubleshoot with students, partner staff, and faculty.
  • Attend class weekly (and/or as needed for the project).
  • Complete paperwork related to the assessment and tracking of the project.
  • Maintain regular office hours and/or a clearly articulated means by which students enrolled in the service learning course may be in contact.


  • Have experience as a student in a service learning or community-based learning course (such as Inside-Out), in an engaged volunteer position, or equivalent experience.
  • Attend an orientation session with faculty and Director of Service Learning.
  • Attend all required team meetings and trainings.
  • Agree to and abide by site-specific guidelines.


  • Have the opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation from faculty and/or staff for future employment, internships, and study.
  • Develop useful professional development experience.
  • Contribute to a successful experience for LSU students, faculty, and community partners.
  • Earn $500.


  • Please send your resume, 2 references (at least one should be from La Salle), and a brief cover letter sharing your interest and fit for the position by Friday, May 3, 2019. All materials should be sent to Tara Carr-Lemke (