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Together and by Association (TABA) Courses

In the spirit of the Lasallian call to work “together and by association,” each semester two to three faculty members from different departments may collaborate on the creation of distinct but interrelated undergraduate courses (“TABA” courses). While each course has its own departmental home, TABA courses share an overarching theme (e.g., food insecurity, immigration, racial justice). TABA courses may also share some texts, guest speakers, off-campus trips, and/or Student Learning Goals. Faculty and students work collaboratively throughout the semester, engaging in interdisciplinary dialogue, community-based research, service learning, or other shared learning experiences.  TABA courses are grounded in the Lasallian Commitment of Active Responsibility and guided by institutional learning outcomes, emphasizing the importance of increasing one’s cultural and global awareness and engaging in respectful collaborations to address issues of personal and public concern.  

A course preparation stipend of $1,000 is available to each faculty member the semester prior to teaching.  During the semester of instruction, $1,000 is available to be shared across the courses for materials such as speaker and/or community partner stipends, transportation costs, admission fees, or related resources. The course should be able to be offered on multiple occasions, pending the needs of the department and faculty involved.

Some background and examples of TABA courses:

  • Framework for TABA Courses 
  • TABA Fall 2019 – Overview of Belfield Planning and Shared Materials 
    • ARTH 271 An Ecological Perspective (Holochwost)
    • PHLT 271 Public Heath (Robertson-James)
    • REL 271 Religious Landscape (O’Connell) 
  • TABA Spring 2020 – Racial Justice 
    • FYS 130 Implications of Racism: Policy & Resistance (Barbera)
    • FYS 130 So You Think You Want to Change the World (Reardon)
    • PHLT 472 A Public Health Perspective of the Juvenile Justice System in the United States (Shuman)
  • TABA Fall 2020 – This is Belfield
    • FYS 130 Religious Belonging (O’Connell)
    • FYS 132 Public Heath (Robertson-James)
  • TABA Fall 2021– Eugenics in the Americas
    • FYS 130 Good Genes: The Monstrous Quest for “Perfection” (Diaz)
    • FYS 130 Who’s included? Race, Disability and National Identities in Latin America (Ossa)