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DLSI Resources for Adapting Courses for Digital Engagement

As we head into a “hyflex-ish” Fall semester, you will need to adapt your courses to support digital engagement. The DLSI can help. The resources below offer multiple strategies and approaches for creating a robust online learning experience for students.   



  • UPDATED!: Adapting Your Course for Digital Engagement: This document (which is hosted on Canvas and may require you to sign in with your LUNA credentials) rounds up tips and suggestions from higher education websites and Twitter feeds for a wide range of remote teaching methods and pedagogies.


  • Lib Guide on Remote Teaching: This lib guide crafted by the Connelly Library’s Heather Willever-Farr compiles both library and web resources to guide remote teaching, including some thoughtfully curated discipline-specific resources. Heather is an experienced online instructor with a knack for Lasallian pedagogy, and she brought both of those perspectives to bear on her resource choices for online novices who want to preserve our Lasallian commitment to connection.


  • Recommendations for Remote Teaching: Situated within a Lasallian framework, this resource offers guiding principles and concrete recommendations for remote teaching that sustains an authentic relationship with students without overtaxing you or your students.



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