Planning for the Spring 2021 Semester

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Winter Institute 2021

Discovering New Ideas, Directions, and Opportunities Together: Faculty and Staff Development by Association

January 6th and 7th, 2021 fully remote Winter Institute featuring a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions, along with opportunities for discussion.

Register by clicking HERE. Please note that all sessions will be recorded for educational uses at La Salle.

Read on below for a sneak peak at sessions (pending final confirmations). The full schedule and session descriptions are coming soon.

Sampling of panel discussion sessions 

  • How will my syllabus and learning goals be forever altered as a result of the remote experience?
  • Festival of failure (and resilience): What did I try in Spring or Fall 2020 that floundered…and how did I recover/reimage/rethink?
  • Student perspectives: What did I learn about my own learning?  What worked this semester? With what did I struggle?

Sampling of 45-minute sessions

  • Continuing the Conversation: Using Perusall for Class Readings
  • Real Time Student Feedback to Foster Meaningful Teaching (in a Pandemic)
  • Strategies in Working with Neurodiverse Students
  • Adolescent Mental Health: Sharing Strategies for Working with Students
  • Student Success Coaching
  • Starfish: Fall Insights and Spring Training
  • 2- part Life Design Workshop
  • How Did I Create an Engaged Community of Learners During the Pandemic?
  • Concrete Approaches to Integrating Anti-Racism into the Curricula
  • The Art and Science of Bringing Interactive Experiences into the Virtual Classroom
  • Political Ideologies and Student Life: Political Ideologies, Sociological Thoughts, and the Plague of (Non-Partisan) Political Confusion

Lunchtime discussion with the Joint Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chairs

Sampling of lightning round (5-7 minute “quick tips”) sessions

  • Using Discord to build a virtual community and for office hours
  • Using polling functions in the classroom
  • Using whiteboard screenshare on Zoom for annotation and student participation
  • Using discussion boards effectively
  • How did I gather and use student feedback throughout the semester?
  • Simulating the “normal” class setting
  • Advanced multiple-choice quiz skills in Canvas. How to: select random draws of questions, allow each student to take the quiz twice at separate administrations, schedule make-up quizzes, schedule extra time for students needing accommodation, and present one question at a time
  • Using the Panopto quiz function in videos for student engagement
  • How to drill down in Canvas to evaluate student engagement
  • Using the peer review function in Canvas
  • How I engage my (FYS) students via debate and discussion
  • Office365 training- specifically using Onedrive
  • Cybersecurity – how to recognize phishing vs spam, how to report phishing, how and why to encrypt files, what to do if you think you have malware or a virus
  • Using the online template for accessibility
  • How to use Zoom to assess learning during sessions