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Questions to Consider as You Pivot Your Course

The ID team’s excellent workshop options can help you with the technical aspects of moving your materials into Canvas and/or Zoom. Before you take action on technical aspects, however, you should consider the following questions about each course:

    • What pieces of your course are you keeping and moving to an online format? Which pieces will need substantial revision? Which pieces will need to get cut? Be brutally realistic in this assessment.


    • What are the best options for delivering your content? Slides? Lecture capture? External materials? Aim for options that require minimal bandwidth. Do not use synchronous formats for required course components (though synchronous sessions can be valuable options for social connection, as long as they are truly optional).


    • What kinds of online assignments are the best match for your course goals?


    • How can you scaffold your online assignments to get the kind of responses you want without the in-person guidance you’re accustomed to providing?


    • How will you need to rejigger assignments that are now too unwieldy for the current circumstances?


    • How do you support students – whether through teaching or advising – so that they have the information they need to move forward?