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Student Testimonials

Here’s what are our students are saying:

“I’m very prepared for college and life after college, and that’s because of La Salle. La Salle has pushed me further. This program has been a step in the right direction. It’s gotten me ready for whatever comes next—and I hope that’s double-majoring in political science and philosophy.”

Zykia Wright (12th-grader at Parkway Center City Middle College, La Salle’s Early Achievement Program)

“Why wouldn’t I take advantage of what La Salle has to offer? Not only do I get to finish classes and earn college credits toward my undergraduate degree, but I get to experience college before my peers do. It’s exciting; it’s a different opportunity than what others get to experience.”

Nolan Eichorn (12th-grader at Archbishop Wood, Diocesan Scholar)

“I choose to attend Lasalle because I fell in love with the environment. The professors were all very accommodating, congenial, and eagerly ready to assist.”

Jacob Banji-Ajala (La Salle University Biochemistry Major, Graduate of Summer Scholars, Transformation Scholars, & Diocesan Scholars Programs)

“In terms of my decision to commit to La Salle, for me I think it was mainly due to the beauty of the campus. La Salle is a gem in that particular area of northeast Philly, so I was attracted to it even as a high schooler. I was also amazed at the friendliness and helpfulness of the professors there, quite a difference from high school teachers if I had to say it, and I had felt like the professors reflected their inspiration in the subject matter they taught, so it also inspired me in some ways.”

Hadya Ghanem (La Salle University Biology Major, Graduate of Summer Scholars and Transformation Scholars Program)

“I chose La Salle because of the sense of community it offers. From taking just one summer course it was obvious the university was committed to bettering its students, faculty and city. A university that genuinely upholds their core beliefs like La Salle, is where I wanted to be.”

Inti Fataeva (La Salle University Criminal Justice Major, Graduate of Summer Scholars Program)