Laura A. Roy, Ph.D.

Laura Roy (Ph.D., University of Texas at San Antonio) is Associate Professor and Chair of Education at La Salle University.  Laura’s program of research is interdisciplinary, drawing primarily from critical and sociocultural theories in order to examine the places where new and existing communities meet and intersect.  At the core of her work is a concern for and commitment to equity, social justice, and ant-racist teacher activism.  Her record of publication centers  primarily on the classroom and community experiences of refugee and immigrant populations in the US, examining the intersections of race, culture, language, and other markers of identity.  She is particularly interested in the discursive practices in the classroom that cultivate or marginalize students’ unique cultural and literate histories.  This work has appeared in journals such as the Harvard Educational Review, Urban Review, and the TESOL Journal. As a teacher educator, Laura is committed to supporting teacher research and teacher voice, including collaboration on research projects and co-presenting at national conferences.  Laura is active in the American Education Research Association (AERA), serving as a section co-chair for the AERA Division G program committee, co-chair of the AERA Division G Early Career Scholar seminar, and is now Division G Secretary.