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Phyllis Betz, Ph.D.

I have always thought that a full appreciation of literature requires, not only understanding the “great” authors, but also bringing in those texts and writers often considered secondary or too popular. While my training has been in late-19th and early-20th century American literature, I have made a conscious effort to widen the circle of what […]

Elizabeth Langemak, Ph.D.

While my much of my formal training is in creative writing and 20th century American poetry, my teaching interests include composition and rhetoric, literature surveys, and business writing. I also write on confessional poets Robert Lowell, Anne Sexton and Anne Carson, and am interested in the relationship between confessional poetry and prose memoir. I believe […]

Kevin Grauke, Ph.D.

My primary areas of interest are creative writing (particularly fiction), 19th-Century American literature (particularly of the latter half), and contemporary American fiction (particularly short fiction). In my creative writing courses, in addition to instructing my students about the essential elements of fiction (character, point of view, conflict, exposition, scene, dialogue, tone, etc.) and providing them […]