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John Beatty, Ph.D.

My career has included stints as a writer and educator for parks and museums, an applied ecologist, a features reporter for daily and weekly newspapers, a copy editor and copy chief at a metro daily, and a communications professor in New York, Texas, and North Carolina. A mid-career transition from natural resources to communication led […]

Phyllis Betz, Ph.D.

I have always thought that a full appreciation of literature requires, not only understanding the “great” authors, but also bringing in those texts and writers often considered secondary or too popular. While my training has been in late-19th and early-20th century American literature, I have made a conscious effort to widen the circle of what […]

Elizabeth Langemak, Ph.D.

While my much of my formal training is in creative writing and 20th century American poetry, my teaching interests include composition and rhetoric, literature surveys, and business writing. I also write on confessional poets Robert Lowell, Anne Sexton and Anne Carson, and am interested in the relationship between confessional poetry and prose memoir. I believe […]

Andrew Hibschman, M.A.

My primary areas of interest are American modernism and post-modernism, both poetry and prose. In the past, I’ve focused on the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop and her contemporaries and on the prose written about or around the Vietnam War-the novels, short stories, and essays of Tim O’Brien in particular-and both remain focuses of mine. Additionally, […]

Rachel McCabe, Ph.D.

I study Composition and Rhetoric, with specializations in reading studies, visual rhetoric, and affect theory. My scholarship focuses on shock and discomfort as productive responses to the reading process. These moments slow readers down and help them pay attention to the rhetorical features of the text, which can improve their writing. My courses consider the […]

Kevin Harty, Ph.D.

In addition to being department chair, I also coordinate the department’s internship programs and teach courses in writing, literature, linguistics, film, and cultural studies. Trained as a medievalist, the courses I teach include medieval literature; Chaucer; the legends and literary traditions of King Arthur, Joan of Arc, and Robin Hood; film representations of the Middle […]

Stephen Smith, Ph.D.

Although my original training was in eighteenth century British literature, my interests have expanded to include Romanticism, modernism, and Celtic art, with a special interest in the literature of Scotland. My belief in the critical importance of teaching students to think and express themselves clearly and critically has made professional and technical writing another area […]

Marjorie Allen, Ph.D.

When I was 19 years old, I spent a year living in England and traveling around Europe.  Little did I know then what I know now—that this year became for me the first compass in my journey to understand my place in the world.  At the time, I enjoyed talking to the people, soaking in the […]

Bryan Narendorf, Ph.D.

My primary areas of interest are creative writing (poetry), the history of American poetry, and the theory and practice of literary translation. I believe that all poems are formal. This means that in the creative writing classroom most of our work focuses on technique, on those formal elements (line, sound, image) that go into to […]