Center for Academic Achievement

Please encourage your students to utilize the variety of academic services and resources available in the Center for Academic Achievement which serves to support students’ educational needs and is located in a centralized location in Suite 409 of the Lawrence Center. Key services offered in the Center are described below:

  • Subject Tutoring provides undergraduate students content support in as many as 120 different courses throughout the University.
  • Supplemental Instruction is a group tutoring model for students in courses with high DFW rates in the areas of business and science.
  • Writing Tutoring is offered in any and all classes across the curriculum.
  • Individual Academic Coaching Appointments and Academic Success Seminars such as time management, reading versatility, study strategies, organization, note taking, test taking and more are available to all students.
  • The Affirmative Action Officer works with students requesting academic accommodations on a case-by-case basis through an interactive process to determine the appropriate accommodations. Students who would like to request academic accommodations must submit the appropriate documentation certifying an illness or condition.
  • Academic Support for Student Athletes helps to ensure academic success for La Salle’s 450+ student athletes.
  • Online academic support resources are available on the Center’s website.

To learn more about the process for requesting academic accommodations, please contact Rose Lee Pauline, Affirmative Action Officer, at 215.951.1014 or

For more information about Subject Tutoring, contact  215.951.1326 or

For more information about Writing Tutoring, contact Jake Alspaugh at 215.951.1167 or

For more information about coaching and workshops, contact Melissa Hediger Gallagher at 215.951.5115 or

For more information about Academic Support for Student Athlete, contact Christine Cahill or Katelyn Lanzilotta at 215.951.1696 or