Class Attendance

It is wise to take attendance at each class meeting for your records. The second week of each semester an email will be sent to all instructors requesting they report students who are not attending class but on the class list. For day school freshmen and other new day school students, attendance is one of the items to be reported with mid-term grades. You can use the Attendance tool in Canvas to keep track of students’ attendance throughout the semester. For more information on this tool, see the Taking Attendance with Canvas page of the Faculty Guide to Canvas.

The University attendance policy is listed in the La Salle University Undergraduate Catalogue: Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Absence required to provide for conditions beyond the control of the student, such as illness or serious personal or family situations, should be explained to the instructor. If absence extends over a protracted period of time, the Office of the Dean should be notified. Attendance is taken from the first regular class day regardless of the time of registration.