Final Examinations

Final examinations should be a reasonable testing of knowledge acquired and skills developed during the semester; other arrangements for final objective norms should be used to determine unofficial mid-term grades issued to the students. In all cases, grades should be based on the complete work of the student; they should be assigned according to norms specified in the University Catalog.

All faculty are reminded that the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the University Handbook (XV, A, 2, g [p. 64] and XV, C, 4 [p. 67]) require that final examinations are to be given during the week assigned for them. The last week of each semester is set apart for final examinations. It is essential to follow exactly the schedule of examinations  announced by the Registrar, to fulfill proctoring assignments faithfully, and to respect the dates for submission of grades. It is highly recommended that faculty record all student grades, including final examination grades, in the Grades area of the designated Canvas course shell.