Student Evaluations

For courses that are 4 weeks or longer, online course evaluations will be sent to students one week before finals (or two weeks prior to the course end date). Evaluations will close to student responses two weeks after the course end date. If students complete their evaluations, they will be able to view their grades in Br. LUWIS as scheduled. If students did not complete their evaluations on time, they will not be able to view their grades in Br. LUWIS until two weeks after the course end date.

Exception: for courses less than 4 weeks, evaluations will be sent to students 1 week prior to the end date of the course. Students will be able to complete the evaluations up to 2 weeks after the course end date.

How students complete the evaluation

Students will receive an email to their account, with a link to complete each online course evaluation. The link takes them directly to the evaluation, which they can either complete, or indicate that they do not wish to complete (on each evaluation question). Students can only complete the evaluation once for each course. Students receive periodic reminder emails during the evaluation period. Students can also access the evaluation link through the Course Evaluations channel in the mylasalle portal.

How instructors view the results

You can view the progress of evaluation submissions for your courses, and view results after final grades have been submitted in Br. LUWIS, via the mylasalle portal. The Course Evaluations channel appears in the middle column of the Home page.

During the evaluation period, you will receive periodic email notifications indicating the percentage of evaluations that have been completed for each of your courses. We recommend that you use this information to remind your students to complete their course evaluations. After the evaluation period has ended, you will receive an email with the full evaluation results. The results of each survey will still be viewable (and not disaggregated). You will only be able to see evaluation results after you submit grades to the Registrar. Your evaluation results will also be available to the appropriate department chair/director and dean.

Support and Training

Any issues with the completion of evaluations or viewing of results should be directed to the Helpdesk at or 215.951.1860. Faculty are also encouraged to review the Student Evaluation training module for more information.