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Mailboxes are assigned to full-time and part-time faculty at their request contingent upon availability. The Mailroom Supervisor will handle all requests and assign all mailboxes. Mail should be removed by the box holder daily. If you will be off campus for any extended period of time, please make arrangements to have your mail picked up.

Administrative Offices are assigned group mailboxes. The mail for all persons in a particular office is placed in the group box to be picked up by a designated person from that office.

Your box number and combination will not be divulged to any other person. It is the responsibility of the individual box holder to remove mail from his/her box. If you require special assistance or need to make other arrangements concerning your mail, please make these arrangements in advance through the Mailroom Supervisor.

The Mailroom Services Department reserves the right to close any mailbox that has obviously not been accessed for a period of 60 days and to reassign any mailbox as may be needed.

A complete listing of mailbox numbers is available at the Customer Service Counter.

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