The University does not discriminate against any qualified employee or applicant for employment with one or more disabilities provided the disability does not pose a bar to the performance of the essential functions of the employee's position or the position in which an applicant is being considered. No qualified individual with one or more disabilities will be refused the opportunity to apply for employment or be considered unfavorably solely because of his/her disability. Furthermore, the University is committed to making reasonable accommodation for one or more physical and/or mental disabilities of applicants for employment or employees who are otherwise qualified to perform the essential functions of University positions.

In compliance with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the University has established policies and practices to assure its ongoing commitment to the provision of equal employment opportunity and accessibility to applicants for employment and employees with disabilities.

A. Responsibility for Administration and Implementation

Final authority for the administration and implementation of the University's affirmative action plan for individuals with disabilities rests with the President. The President has designated the Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Heads, and supervisory personnel with the line responsibility of the execution of and continued adherence to the plan.

B. Dissemination of the Plan

The University disseminates its policy on the nondiscrimination of individuals with disabilities utilizing the same publications and resources as outlined in section III.

C. Employment Practices

1. Applicants for employment who have one or more disabilities will be evaluated according to the performance requirements of the essential functions of the position for which they are being considered.

2. The Affirmative Action Officer or his or her designee will review the education and work records of employees with disabilities to ensure that they are being utilized to their fullest capacity.

3. Department heads will review the job descriptions of open or new positions within their area to make sure that the physical and mental requirements of the positions are job related and consistent with business necessity and safety standards. The Affirmative Action Officer or the Director of Human Resources will monitor all such reviews.

4. Department heads will use recruitment and retention practices consistent with the University's affirmative action commitment to persons with disabilities.

5. The line responsibility for making and assisting with the reasonable accommodation of employees with disabilities ascends from the supervisory personnel level.

6. In offering employment or promotions to applicants or employees with disabilities, the University will not reduce the amount of compensation offered because of any disability income, pension or other benefit the applicant or employee receives from another source.



D. Grievance Procedure

The procedure to follow for an alleged act of discrimination against a person with disabilities is the University's "Grievance Procedure".