Greetings from La Salle University!

Graduate education at La Salle strives to meet the goals of scholarly inquiry, preparation for academic and professional careers, and lifelong learning in response to the changing and diverse needs of the 21st century workplace and the global community.

We believe in a personal, practical, and professional education in a collaborative effort between faculty and adult learners. Furthermore, our graduate programs emphasize a balance between theory and practice. As an adult learner, you may demonstrate knowledge through a variety of practices, which include clinical experiences, case study analysis, discussions, research, and a wide assortment of projects.

Our primary goal is to create an intellectual atmosphere which addresses ethics and diversity. To achieve this goal, our faculty are outstanding in their fields. Professors remain active in their fields of study by conducting research, demonstrating their knowledge through publications, presentations, and leadership experience. Moreover, faculty and students are actively engaged in evidence-based research pertinent to their field of study.

We wish you every success in your graduate studies at La Salle!