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By Anna Atiyeh, ’15

One might be surprised to find that there are many teens and young adults who are passionate for the cause of life. It is often thought that the individuals of my own generation are a people who could not care less about respecting the lives that are more vulnerable than their own or that they are the “me” generation. Young people often get a bad rap from people who generalize younger generations based upon what they hear or see in the media. However, those individuals fail to see what so many pro-lifers see, a generation rising up with a burning fire and desire to protect and respect life. It is my very own generation that proclaims, “We are the pro-life generation!”

Explorers for Life

After listening to a podcast for Students for Life of America’s new book, Courageous, I couldn’t help but be encouraged that the
Explorers for Life group was meant to be re-established on campus. David Bereit, Director of the 40 Days for Life Campaign, told all those listening, “College is the time that you have the greatest opportunity to make an impact.” Liz Reed, ’13, a nursing major, Elizabeth Fehl, ’15, Honors student and nursing major, and I received full recognition for Explorers for Life as a student group at the beginning of the semester. Other members of the Explorers for Life group include Honors students Jessica Samuel, ’15, Christine McLaughlin, ’16, and Jes Smith, ’16. Thanks to the help of the East Coast Field Director of Students for Life, Brendan O’Morchoe, we have been able to get the group off the ground and begin planning events and fundraisers for our organization. The Explorers for Life also attended the March for Life and Students for Life National Conference in Washington, D.C., in January. The students involved in Explorers for Life definitely have a zeal for life and the enthusiasm to proclaim the “culture of life,” as Blessed Pope John Paul II called it.

We have great plans for this group on campus and can’t wait to build group attendance and enthusiasm for our cause. Our hopes for the following year are to become a greater resource for life on campus and to be a light of hope for those who have experiences with abortion.

Being pro-life is not just about protecting the unborn or being against human cloning, it is about promoting the dignity and sanctity of human life at all ages and in all forms.

Going forward, I pray we can be a group of passionate young adults who can light the way on our campus.

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