Students in the Integrated Science, Business, and Technology (ISBT) Department study the process of innovation.  Based on a sound framework of organizational dynamics, ISBT majors learn how new scientific discoveries develop into marketable products and services through collaborative business practices.

Large and small organizations rely on the process of research and development for the development of new products, the creation of new jobs and facilities, the increase of operational efficiency, and the reduction of waste. Traditional majors in the natural sciences, engineering, and business become experts in each of these separate disciplines. ISBT majors, however, become interdisciplinary leaders, having expert knowledge of how the natural sciences, engineering, and business divisions work together to define and solve complex problems.

ISBT majors share a common experience the first two years with courses that focus on the foundational concepts of physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and the life sciences as well as the organizational concepts of collaboration, project management, business analysis, and system dynamics. They then concentrate in one or both critical sectors of Biotechnology (BIO) or Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) that culminates in a senior thesis capstone experience.

ISBT majors use the computer throughout their studies as a tool to gather, present, and analyze data. They work in teams, in class, in the laboratory, and outside of class.  Their professors encourage and support them in the pursuit internship and co-op opportunities.

When they graduate, they secure positions in industry, government, and nonprofit organizations where they are recognized as analysts, problem solvers, decision-makers, and leaders.