In Memoriam Fall 2021

William J. Devlin, ʼ44
John T. Connors, MSW, M.Ed., M.Th, ’48
Richard F. Strosser, ʼ49

Peter J. Barunas, ʼ50
George M. Bryan, Jr., ʼ50
Thomas F. Kehoe, ʼ50
Martin J. Bukowski, M.D., ʼ51
Charles P. Dugan, Esq., ʼ51
Jerome P. Hofmann, ʼ51
James J. Phelan, ʼ51
William C. Seiberlich, Jr., ʼ51
William J. Mangan, ʼ52
John H. McKay, CPA, ʼ52
Francis A. Lihotz, ʼ53
James P. Sanzare, ʼ53
Louis J. Siana, CPA, ʼ53
Robert W. Bonner, ʼ54
Capt. Edward Bronson, USNR, ’54
MG William F. Burns, USAR, ʼ54
David P. Malone, ʼ54
George L. Mason III, ʼ54
John F. Dinger, Esq., ʼ55
Francis X. Donohoe, ʼ55
Edward P. Carey, Esq., ʼ56
Nicholas Dienna, ʼ56
Joseph O’Grady, Ph.D., ‘56
Francis J. McTague, ʼ56
Francis X. Cassidy, ʼ57
Francis X. Finegan Jr., ʼ57
Alfred S. Hoffman, CPA, ʼ57
Peter G. Waters, ʼ57
Robert A. Wood, ʼ57
Edward C. Cassidy, ʼ58
John F. Dougherty, ʼ58
Thomas F. Dudley, ʼ58
Joseph J. Riley, D.O., ʼ58
Robert R. Vincent, ʼ58
Steve A. Kmetz, ʼ59

Francis W. Canning, CPA, ʼ60
Anthony J. Cutrona, ʼ60
William J. Hunter, ʼ60
Paul J. Murphy, ʼ60
Robert A. Rende, ʼ60
Robert T. Wright, Sr., ʼ60
Paul R. Horton, ʼ61
John F. Incollingo, ʼ61
Gerald Lawrence, ‘61
Vincent J. Mascoli, ʼ61
James D. McShea, ʼ61
William T. Mulligan, ʼ61
Paul F. Morgenthaler, ʼ63
Michael G. Mullen, ʼ63
John K. Rafferty, ʼ63
John J. Robrecht III, ʼ63
Francis M. Smith, ʼ63
Anthony F. Walsh, ʼ64

Edward A. Wrobleski, M.D., ʼ64
John J. Diak, ʼ65
John P. Dooley, ʼ65
James Duffy III, ʼ65
Curtis E. Fromal, ʼ65
Edward H. McEntee, ʼ66
William J. Doyle, ʼ67
William J. McGinnis Jr., ʼ67
Frank J. Digilio, ʼ68
Joseph J. Stimmler, ʼ68
John M. Daly, M.D., FACS, ʼ69
Dennis J. Rochford, ʼ69

Diego A. Chila, CPA, ʼ70
Francis T. Duffy, ʼ70
Edward H. Morris, Jr., ʼ70
William E. Pleier, ʼ70
John J. Derham, ʼ71
Carl P. Malitsky, ʼ71
Joseph A. McGuriman, ʼ72
Douglas G. Cassidy, ʼ73
William D. Fox, Jr., ʼ73
Michael Kutzer, Esq., ʼ73
Robert T. O’Sullivan, Sr., ʼ73
Daniel T. Fitzgerald, ʼ74
Anne Konieczny, ʼ75
Thomas Schreiber, ʼ75
Melvin J. Dodson, ʼ76
Michael Zawinsky, ʼ76
Joseph P. Conville, Jr., ʼ77
John E. Mitchell, CPA, ʼ77
Donald F. Johnson, ʼ78
Emelia (Hayman) Lahoda, ʼ78
Jack W. Pogue, ʼ78
Sharon A. Simpson, ʼ79

Attracta (McElroy) Meenan, ʼ81
Gregory J. Nowak, Esq., ʼ81
Deborah A. Szumachowski, ʼ82
Mary J. Vesey, ʼ83
Erin M. Murphy, ʼ84
Isaac A. Mensah, ʼ85
Philip J. Minnigh, ʼ85
John A. Brennan Jr., ʼ87
Carmen J. Calvanese, ʼ87

Kristy E. O’Malley, ʼ90
Karen M. Sabatini, ʼ90
Richmond A. Tuttle, ʼ90
James T. Hannigan, ʼ93
Thomas L. Schwegel, ʼ94
Mary M. Scott, Ed.D., ʼ94
Noelle R. Pane, ʼ98

Harry E. Adamson, ʼ02
Michael B. Shinn, ʼ04

University community mourns the loss of three former faculty members

Richard Strosser, Ph.D., a professor of philosophy, died in March 2021. Strosser loved molding and educating young minds and La Salle was a special place for him. He started at La Salle in September 1956 and retired in May 1990.

Jack T. Connors, ’48, who graduated from La Salle University after serving in the U.S. Coast Guard in World War II, died in April 2021 just shy of his 100th birthday. He taught for 25 years in the Department of Sociology as an assistant professor and initiated several courses for undergraduates. He served as the University’s golf coach for 15 years, from 1964 –1983.

Joseph O’Grady, Ph.D., ’56, an alumnus who later served as professor and chair of the Department of History, passed away in August 2021. Dr. O’Grady completed a 40-year tenure at La Salle when he retired in 1999. During those years, he rose from history instructor to professor, served as history department chair and held leadership roles in the University Faculty Senate. Throughout his career, he mentored faculty and students, alike, including those who shared his passion to “search for truth.”

Both Connors and O’Grady have rich family histories with La Salle. Their strong University legacies include several family members who are Explorer alumni, as well.