In Memoriam Spring 2021

Faculty Obituaries
Emery C. Mollenhauer

Emery C. Mollenhauer, FSC, Ph.D., whose administrative and academic duties at La Salle University spanned more than a half century, including his tenure as the University’s first provost, died Sunday, March 14. He was 94.

Mollenhauer arrived at La Salle in 1960. Over the 52 years that followed, he was at the forefront of many pivotal moments in the University’s history—growing La Salle’s enrollment, its campus footprint, and its regional and national reputation.

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John J. McCann, ’57, Ph.D.

John J. McCann, ’57, Ph.D., a La Salle alumnus who taught for 55 years in the University’s Department of Foreign Languages as an associate professor of French, passed May 7. A distinguished and published writer and man of service, Dr. McCann dedicated more than 50 years of his life to those recovering from alcoholism. He also proudly delivered the commencement address at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in 1988. He often reflected fondly upon his days at La Salle, both in the classroom and in the stands watching Big 5 basketball games.

Alvino Massimini, MBA ’84, Ph.D.

Alvino Massimini, MBA ’84, Ph.D., a Professor of Accounting at La Salle from 1980 until his retirement in 2018, died May 9. Dr. Massimini had an incredible love of learning and his perseverance to excellence was exemplary. During his career at La Salle, Dr. Massimini was a beloved member of the faculty and was known for his dedication and commitment to his students and bringing accounting to life with his entertaining stories in the classroom. A published author in many accounting and business journals, he received La Salle’s Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award in 1988.

James Mazzarella, MBA ’81, Ph.D.

James Mazzarella, MBA ’81, Ph.D., who maintained an affiliation with La Salle University for more than 40 years, beginning with his enrollment in La Salle’s MBA program, died May 23. Dr. Mazzarella also received a post-MBA certificate in international business from La Salle in 2001. His La Salle teaching career began as a lecturer of economics from 1985-2001. An author of many periodicals and publications that were featured in local and international papers, Dr. Mazzarella returned to La Salle in 2011 to teach in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Michael Dillon, Ph.D., J.D.

Michael Dillon, Ph.D., J.D., a full-time educator at La Salle from 1968 to 1985, and again from 2007 to 2017, died June 9. His lengthy periods of service to La Salle bookended a proud career as a lawyer with a specialization in environmental law, during which he maintained his connection to the University by participating in events and teaching on a part-time basis. Dr. Dillon previously led La Salle’s pre-law program and, because of his extensive network of contacts, helped connect generations of La Salle students with legal professionals and educators. Indicative of his interest in serving students was Dr. Dillon’s 2013 book, How to Think About Law School: A Handbook for Undergraduates and their Parents. In addition, he started the Lasallian Forum for Politics and Policy; instituted Publius, an alumni newsletter; initiated a high school mock trial tournament; and launched a Legal Careers Night at La Salle. For this work, he was honored in 2014 with the University’s award for distinguished service.

Kathleen Gable, ’90, MSN ’94

Kathleen Gable, ’90, MSN ’94, a lecturer in the Department of Nursing for 14 years, passed July 27. Mrs. Gable began her nursing career in 1984 as a staff nurse at Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, where she rose to clinical manager of in-patient cardiac rehabilitation. She later worked as a case manager at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, N.J., and Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia until 2000. In 2003, La Salle hired Mrs. Gable to what she described as her dream job. She served for 14 years as a lecturer and clinical adjunct professor in the Department of Nursing until her 2017 retirement. Her legacy at La Salle will continue for generations through the Kathleen Gable Memorial Scholarship.

Brother Kevin Dalmasse, F.S.C, ’81

Brother Kevin Dalmasse, F.S.C, ’81, who maintained a lifelong ministry of teaching young people as a De La Salle Christian Brother, died Oct. 6. Over 37 years, Br. Kevin maintained positions as a teacher, a forensics and debate team moderator, and a high school administrator at Bishop Walsh School in Cumberland, Md., Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, and La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, Pa. He served as district and regional leader for the District of Eastern North America and the USA/Eastern Canadian Region for the Christian Brothers. Br. Kevin proudly served with utmost distinction as a member of La Salle University’s Board of Trustees from 1998–2008.

James Butler, Ph.D., ’67

James Butler, Ph.D., ’67 an English professor at La Salle for more than 40 years who held administrative positions that included department chair and director of the La Salle Honors Program, passed Oct. 27. Born in Pittsburgh, Dr. Butler graduated from Pittsburgh’s Central Catholic High School before attending La Salle. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University. In 1980, Dr. Butler received the University’s Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award. He cultivated the University’s connection to the family of prominent author Owen Wister by helping to establish and curate the Wister Family Special Collection in Connelly Library. His primary scholarship focused on poet William Wordsworth, often taking him to a place he cherished—England’s Lake District. Dr. Butler edited three books for the Cornell Wordsworth Series, an internationally prominent collection, and his research and works are commemorated in La Salle’s Alumni House.

William “Bill” H. Grosnick, Ph.D.

William “Bill” H. Grosnick, Ph.D., who taught in the Department of Religion and Theology at La Salle from 1980 until his 2011 retirement, died Nov. 29. A faculty expert on Eastern religion and Buddhism, Dr. Grosnick served with distinction as President of the University’s Faculty Senate. He thoroughly enjoyed hiking and regularly participated in the Faculty Senate / Students’ Government Association basketball games. Friends and colleagues of Dr. Grosnick, who was a lifelong devotee of Buddhist philosophy, offered the following as a meditation on his life as an educator: “The world is afflicted by death and decay. But the wise do not grieve, having realized the nature of the world.”

John M. Daly, ’69, M.D.

John M. Daly, a former University Trustee and an internationally renowned surgeon, died March 26. He was 73. Dr. Daly studied biology at La Salle, earning a bachelor’s degree in 1969. He enrolled in medical school at Temple University, launching a distinguished career as a surgeon, professor, and administrator that ultimately led him back to Philadelphia. He served as dean of Temple’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine from 2002-2011 before returning to practice of surgical oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center as the Harry C. Donahoo Professor of Surgery. Just this February, he once again stepped into the role of Katz School’s dean after serving parts of two years as its interim dean. Dr. Daly served on La Salle’s Board of Trustees from 2005-2015. He previously had held a role on the University’s Council of President’s Associates between 2002-2005. In 1994, he received La Salle’s Holroyd Award in recognition of his significant contributions in the field of medicine and professional contributions in the field of science. Moreover, the Holroyd Award celebrates the positive impact awardees have made on their communities, reflecting their commitment to Lasallian values. In 2019, the American College of Surgeons inducted Dr. Daly into its inaugural group of Master Surgeon Educators. A true Lasallian, his lifelong commitment to teaching and learning remained a constant throughout his career, always finding opportunities to guide the next generation of leaders in the medical field—whether students, residents, or colleagues.

In Memoriam

John J. Fleitz, D.O., ’48
Frank T. Foti Sr., ’48
Peter J. Barunas, ’50
Bernard Coyle, ’50
James Quigley, ’50
George W. Stairiker, ’50
John P. Welsh, ’50
Vincent Guminski, ’51
Dr. William A. LaPlante, ’52
Joseph L. Gallagher, ’52
John W. McMenamin, ’52
Frank Murdock, ’52
Richard K. O’Donnell Sr., ’52
Leonard Fernandez, ’53
Arthur A. Mami Sr., ’53
Daniel J. McGinley, ’53
Dr. John Rakszawski, ’53
Charles Samtmann, ’53
Joseph James Fayer, ’54
John P. McElvenny Jr., ’54
Joseph J. Sweener, ’54
John P. Callahan, ’55
Robert Rumsey, ’55
Henry G. DeVincent, M.D., ’56
Charles “Chuck” Heiser, ’56
John J. Lombard Jr., Esq., ’56
Robert W. Lynch, CPA, ’56
Daniel J. Avena, ’57
Francis P. Dolan, ’57
Edward J. Griffin, ’57
Gerard J. Lewis, ’57
John J. McCann, Ph.D., ’57
Joseph M. McCauley, USN Retired, ’57
Joseph N. Vallely Jr., ’57
Lawrence J. Borger, ’58
James P. Finley, ’58
George J. Schneider Jr., ’58
Leonard J. Speakman, ’58
John Bill, ’59
James Canalicho, DDS, ’59
Dennis M. Cunningham, Ph.D., ’59
Peter V. Palena, M.D., ’59
Hugh J. Brolly, ’60
J. Russell Cullen Jr., ’60
Andrew J. Decker, ’60
Thomas A. Gannon, ’60
George Horn, ’60
Charles R. Peguese, ’60
John Les Burke, ’61
James P. Edwards, ’61
Gerald Lawrence, ’61
James D. McShea ’61
Stanley T. Praiss, DDS, MAGD, ’61
Joseph T. Wilkins, ’61
William E. Adams, ’62
John P. Donnelly, ’62
Ernest Kellis, ’62
Philip C. McGuire, Ph.D., ’62
Frederick J. Meyers, ’62
Michael W. Scarpello, ’62
John O. Gardiner Jr., ’63
Joseph A. Sweeney, ’63
Nicholas Acocella, ’64
Joseph J. Coll Jr., ’64
Edward J. Golden Jr., ’64
Steven J. Madonna, Esq., ’64
John R. Bauer, ’65
Joseph B. Bloom, ’65
Joseph T. Cunnane, ’65
Anthony M. Desiderio, Ph.D., ’65
William Patrick Murphy, ’65
James H. Stewart, ’65
William J. Conroy, ’66
Thomas J. Dvorak, ’66
Joseph J. Reilley, ’66
Edward M. Whalen, ’66
James A. Butler, Ph.D., ’67
Julius J. Jablonsky, ’67
James P. Jacobs, ’67
John P. Malley, ’67
Joseph E. Truitt Jr., ’67
Robert Minder, ’68
James R. Wall, M.D., PC, ’68
William T. Chain Jr., M.D., ’69
John P. Fullerton, ’69
Joseph F. Killoran Jr., ’69
James F. Noone, M.D., ’69
Michael J. Scarpello, ’70
Jay S. Cohen, ’71
Joseph P. Rassa, ’71
Kevin E. Sylvester, ’71
Joseph H. Andreano, ’72
Michael J. Dunn Jr., ’72
Frederick R. Nedl Jr., ’72
Stephen J. Redden, ’72
Leo J. Konkel, ’73
Msgr. Joseph W. Murray, ’74
Bernard F. Reilly III, ’74
Henry Dougherty III, ’75
Thomas Robert Curry Jr., ’76
Joan A. Kronick, ’77
David S. Rudenstein, Esq., ’77
Eugene M. DiMarco, D.O., ’78
David W. Jeffers, ’78
Sharon M. McQuate, M.A., ’78
Virginia Z. Kasey, ’79
Martha R. Collier, ’79
Peter C. Gallagher, CPA, ’80
Br. Kevin M. Dalmasse, F.S.C., ’81
James K. Mazzarella, ’81
Francis M. Purcell, ’81
William J. Smart, ’81
Karen A. Stewart, ’82
Mary Ann Bacon, MSN, ’84
Austin P. Kelly Jr., ’84
Albino J. Massimini, MBA, ’84
Martin J. Herman, ’87
Fr. Michael D. Whalen, C.M., ’87
Geraldine R. Smoll, ’88
Richard W. Tauscher, ’89
Helen Geist, ’90
Kathleen Gable, ’90
Edward F. Carangi, ’91
James Ricchini, ’91
Judith A. Kovecses, ’92
Karel L. Peterman, ’95
Stephen Campolongo, ’96
Matthew Joseph Roakes, ’07, MBA ’10
Julia Brielle Olivarez, ’13
Kyle S. Mcintosh, ’18
Hope Anna Wells, ’18
Vincent Nguyen, ’20
Rose Marie Fleurimond, ’20