In Memoriam

Lawrence F. Balestra, DDS, ’44
Jules Rominger, M.D., ’46
John T. Connors, ’48
Francis R. Dearden, ’50
John P. Welsh, ’50
John B. Winkler, ’50
Francis T. Berry, ’51
Charles Horan, Sr., ’51
Harvey J. Stefanowicz, ’51
John J. Kane, ’52
Br. Arthur J. Bangs, FSC, Ph.D., ’53, M.A. ’54
Capt. Edward F. Bronson, USNR, ’54
William J. Wingel, Ph.D., ’54
Anthony J. Dennison Jr., ’55
Joseph D. Dvornicich Jr., ’55
Edward J. Fetter, Ph.D., ’55
Eugene ‘Gene’ M. McDonnell, ’55
David J. Smith, ’55
Joseph Kane ‘56
Joseph P. O’Grady, Ph.D., ’56
James L. Reilly, ’56
Samuel P. DiMuzio, ’57
Russell S. Eggleton, ’59
John S. Kernan, ’59
Raymond Kuhl, ’59
Br. Mark Lowery, F.S.C., ’59
Charles K. O’Malley, CPA, CFP, ’59
Allen Bayley, ’60
Charles J. Delrossi, ’61
Richard L. Hepp, ’61
Francis B. McCullough, ’61
Richard M. Schieken, M.D., ’61
Raymond C. Seiberlich, ’61
Patrick J. Conrey, ’62
Br. Lawrence Dempsey, F.S.C., ’62
Elliot Menkowitz, M.D., ’63
Anton J. Vishio, ’63
Robert Watters, ’63
James L. Cavanaugh, ’64
Thomas P. McGorry, M.D., ’64
Gerald C. Plewes, ’64
John D. Snyder, ’64
Stephen J. Lis, ’65
Daniel F. Coyle, ’66
Susan J. Gerhardt, ’66
Peter J. Pryor, ’66
Michael W. Reilly, ’66
John Donnelly, ’67
James M. Hardesty, ’67
Richard W. Johnson, ’67
Robert P. O’Brien, ’67
Anthony R. Giorgio, M.D., ’68
Charles E. Lally, CPA, ’68
Edward J. McManus, ’68
Stephen P. Gallagher, ’69
Walter J. Boyle, ’70
Kathleen Ciaverelli, ’70
William J. Jiorle, ’70
George A. Tomezsko, ’71
Richard A. Caldarola, Ph.D., CMA, CFM, ’72
Raymond C. Freisheim, ’72
Harry J. Collins, ’73
Joseph P. Drumm, ’73
James J. Gonzales, ’74
John E. Funkhouser, ’75
Patrick J. Lavin Sr., ’75
Rev. Richard J. McAndrews, ’75
Michael J. Murphy, ’75
James A. Putz, ’75
Steven M. Smith, D.O., ’75
Frances (Ellefson) Diehl, ’77
Patricia C. Averill, ’78
Thomas G. Sheehan, ’78
Keith E. Maust, ’79
John P. Byrne, ’80
Grady W. Phillips, ’82
Stephen D. Wiener, D.O., ’82
Joseph M. Gulla, ’84
Diane D. McGrattan, ’84
Edwin Olejkowski, ’85
Theresa E. Young, ’85
Michael D. Pilla Jr., ’86
Adrian D. Thomas, ’86
Dennis J. Flounders, ’91
George C. Langley, ’91
Sean A. Hughes, ’92
Christopher M. Farrell, ‘93
Lucille A. Rosso, ’93
Marie E. Farley, ’96
Robert J. Levins, ’01
Tiffany (Grossi) Johnson, ’07
Viktor Lukas, ’18
Aliya T. Vance, ’19 
Eugene ‘Gene’ M. McDonnell
An alumnus, the longtime baseball coach of the Explorers, and considered one of the sharpest baseball minds in Philadelphia, Eugene ‘Gene’ M. McDonnell died Jan. 28, 2022. Born in Philadelphia, he graduated from La Salle High School in 1951 and, later, La Salle College on a baseball scholarship. After graduating from La Salle, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army during the Korean War. 

He led a 35-year teaching career at schools in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, N.J. He also coached the La Salle baseball program for 35 years, beginning in 1959 and highlighted by the team’s appearance in the College World Series in 1985. He retired from coaching and teaching in 1997.  

Under McDonnell, the Explorers made their first NCAA playoff appearance in 1964, captured the Big 5 baseball titles from 1965-66 and finished second in NCAA East Regional in 1985. That same year, he was voted NCAA East Region Coach of the Year and Diamond Baseball Coach of the Year in 1985. He amassed a record of 430-352-8, including 22 winning seasons, and earned induction in 1980 into the La Salle Hall of Athletes. 

He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Diane; his sister, Sister Marta McDonnell, R.S.M.; his three children Patricia, Gene, and Julie; eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.