Scholarship on display

Two faculty members posing for a photo.Nearly one-hundred members of the campus community gathered March 31 to recognize the academic achievements of faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences.

A celebration at Connelly Library honored 40 faculty members who, since 2016, have authored 51 books, texts, and other scholarly works that have since been published and introduced to learning environments around the world. Their published works span nearly every academic department and discipline at the School of Arts and Sciences—from art history, communication, and economics, to global languages, philosophy, and religion.

“La Salle University has always looked to its namesake, Saint John Baptist de LaSalle, to inspire our educational mission and, for faculty, our role as teachers,” said Pamela E. Barnett, Ph.D., dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. “Following the model of St. LaSalle and the Brothers of the Christian Schools, faculty are urged to meet the students where they are, to express zeal for their subjects and the act of teaching, and provide a practical education that benefits the community. … In that great tradition, we celebrate Lasallian scholars.”

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Vanessa Green