How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance benefits are a way for the military services to provide education benefits to service members on active duty. Tuition Assistance benefits are administered by each branch of service (each branch determines its own award amounts, eligibility, restrictions, and application process) and are typically earned based on service. Service-specific tuition assistance information and processes can be found at these links:

Applying for Tuition Assistance at La Salle University

Start your Tuition Assistance request prior to the beginning of each semester. Each service has a specific requirement for the number of days prior to the semester that TA requests are due. If this is your first time using TA, your service may also require that you gain commander approval to use TA and complete training on the TA process and TA requirements. In general, you will need to do the following to initiate your tuition assistance request and to apply your tuition assistance funds to your La Salle University tuition bill:

  1. Gain commander’s/services approval to use TA.
  2. Complete your TA request online through your service-specific voluntary education portal
  3. Select La Salle University as your academic institution (OPE-ID # 003287)
  4. Submit your TA request to your service
    • Your service will notify you when they have approved your request.  If you have not received approval in a timely manner, call your Unit/Base Education Office to enquire on the TA request status
  5. Once your service approves your TA, send the approved TA authorization form to the La Salle University, Office of Student Accounts Receivable:
      • La Salle University
        Office of Student Accounts Receivable
        1900 W. Olney Ave.
        Philadelphia, PA 19141
        Phone: (215) 951-1055

Tuition Assistance Funds are applied to the student account prior to Federal Pell grant funds in the institutional order of awarding process.